Saturday, January 24, 2009

10 pounds PSI, Ham and Being Frugal

So how does the title of this post relate?
Good question. I am going to tell you.
It seems that being frugal these days is really hip.
Or necessary, depending upon the state of your personal economy.
I've found lots of really cool blogs and information on various ways to be frugal.
Some of them I really like.
Some not so much.
I've already done the cloth diaper thing.
First three kids in fact, been there, done that.
So I guess I was hip before I knew I was hip.
But I digress.

We were discussing ham.

During the holidays, ham was on sale, so I decided to buy one and then see how long I could make it last.....being the frugal girl I am.
First day, we had a lovely ham dinner with the requisite funeral potatoes.
Next day we had ham & pasta-a little dish where I throw together diced ham & pasta with a sort of semi-Alfredo sauce.
Next we had our breakfast dish that the kids like with bits of ham and hash browns and eggs.
And then using the ham bone and split peas, I made a big batch of split pea soup and scraped every last bit of ham of that bone.
FIVE DAYS! I was able to stretch that ham for five meals.
I was proud.

Then I got the brilliant idea to can some ham---(as opposed to green eggs and ham.)
So I sent a little prayer out to the heavens......
"The next time ham is on sale, I think I will buy some and make a large batch of split pea soup to freeze and then can the ham....."
Well, by golly, the heavens came through and last week I came across an unadvertised sale of very large hams at my local grocery store! Amazing! I bought 20 pounds worth, made my soup (pictured yesterday) and canned 9 pints of ham!

So I guess the point of my little post is this:
Being frugal can be fun sometimes.
The heavens really do listen and answer prayers.
Choose to be frugal in ways that work for you.
Remember I don't have toddlers hanging on to my legs every day.
So don't get depressed if you can't handle canning nine pints of ham.
Do what you can do.
Recipes? Umm, well I looked up Split Pea soup on and then added my own stuff-sort of throwing in a little of this and that......sorry, but it did contain, water, split peas, hambone, dehydrated onions, poultry seasoning, diced potatoes and shredded carrots. Does that help?


Momza said...

Marilyn, I knew we had alot in common. I also used cloth diapers exclusively for the 1st 3 children. Who, I might add, were all three in diapers at the same time! (We brought #3 child home on #1's Second birthday!--how's that for efficient?!)
I had no idea how awesome I was. Kudos to you!

Granny J said...

I'm impressed! With everything!

McEwens said...

I wish I lived closer, so you could teach me how to can

Kassi Jane said...

i love it ! i need to do that!

Allyson said...

So.... if I opened that jar of ham, could I just eat the ham...would it taste good or does it need to be mixed with something else????

Larissa said...

Wow! You are so good at all this food storage and cooking stuff! YOur garden is so awsome!!

Mrs. Brooke said...

Finally! Someone who has canned meat...I've been wanting to do it, but have felt a little scared. Alright, it is "normal." :) Thanks!

Now I just have to get over my fear of the pressure cooker and we'll be golden...

Patrice said...

I like to at least do two-fers on my Sunday meat. I made ham rolls with my ham from a few weeks back. You are an inspiration.

RhondaLue said...

I cloth diapered my preemie all the way. Didn't do it with the next two because I was lazy and tired.

But way to can! I just discovered how to can a few months ago and I've been a madwoman..oh wait, that's you. I've been a crazy canner ever since. If I can find the jars and get some meat on sale it's on like donkey kong!

Thanks for the nice words on my blog. I'll keep the blog updated with what's happening. It's enough to break my heart with all my son's gone through already and then to have the school not want him (and he's perfectly well behaved, mind you-they're just frustrated with his inability to focus). Anyway-thanks again!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

I need to learn how to use one of those...I will admit I am a little scared!