Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to One and All!!

I've been reflecting on my "New Year's Resolutions" and I realized that I am continually making "New Year's Resolutions." I read a very interesting article today in Meridian Magazine. The author says that as members of the LDS Church, we reflect and resolve each week during our Sacrament meetings to be better. We are taught from childhood about setting goals and improving ourselves....

Faith in God

Cub Scouts

Duty to God

Boy Scouts

Personal Progress

And if you're old enough, "Pursuit of Excellence."

I mean every week I think, "I resolve to pray and read my scriptures daily." "I want to eat better." " Exercise daily." "My goal is to pay off _____ debt." I think I am making tiny bits of progress.......

So I guess my New Year's Resolution(s) of 2009 consist of:

Press Forward

Stay the Course


John Taylor Family said...

I like that...I have served in everyone of those and they are excellent programs to continue implementing throughout the year!

Why not...I am working on some of them with my kids right now too...makes sense :)

Granny J said...

Good thought! Thanks.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I too read the article in Meridian and had to chuckle a bit at the truth in it. I am terrible at New Year's resolutions, but our stake has really focused this past year on our sacrament covenants and being sure to bring "our gift to the altar" each week--that one thing we are trying to improve on. One week at a time seems so much easier to me than trying to set goals for an entire year! But about your goals---I am also looking forward to reading your food storage suggestions in your blog this year. I loved the picture of your bean dip!

Patrice said...

I know Heavenly Father wants us to grow line upon line. I'm setting goals now, but one at a time that I can make a habit, then add a new one. I think Ben Franklin did something similar.

Allyson said...

sounds like a good group of goals to me. Happy New Year

angieinpink said...

true that, dawg.

one of my biggest goals this year is to become super-duper marilyn-like food-storage-queen. (: i'm excited to continue reading all your amazing preparedness posts that teach me how to be cool & self reliant.

great to see you tuesday!

Valerie said...

I enjoyed this post and will have to look up that article in Meridian. Even though I'm a stranger out in cyberspace, I enjoyed visiting your blog. You have great looking kids!