Saturday, January 3, 2009

Times, they are a Changing

If you are a member of the LDS Church, tomorrow brings change.....
Meeting schedule change, that is.
For some, it is a sigh of relief.
For others it is a groan of agony.
Depending upon what time you go to church.
And if you have Toddlers or Teenagers
Or a mixture of Both.

We go at noon.

Our family has times ranging from 10:30-2:00 PM.

So why do we do it? year after year after year?

Because we love God.

Because we want to serve our brothers and sisters.

Because we have testimonies of the gospel.

Because our moms make us.

Because we are the Bishop.

***Edited! No-we are NOT the Bishop-It's just a figure of speech.***


Lori said...

YEAH, we are changing from 8am to 10am yippee! Love that time!

Joy For Your Journey said...

We are going from 11 to 8:30 and I am not that excited about it (but for all the reasons you listed, we happily do it). I just teach early morning seminary (5:45) so I liked sleeing in on Sundays. But, hey, now I can get that coveted Sunday afternoon nap!:-)

Mari said...

Oh yes, last year Tyson and I went from 2:30 to 8:30. That was an adjustment to be sure (I prefer 8:30).

Patrice said...

We've got 12:30. Gotta love it!!!

McEwens said...

We have the 11-2 THE BEST ONE!!!

Momza said...

HI there, I mosied on over here from Joy in the Journey's blog, I think?! Anywho, what a fun post!
And, yes we go because we would be most unhappy if we didn't--no matter what time we're appointed to, we're there.
Have a great day...and cool closet, garden and granbabies!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I was so happy to change from 9 to 11!!! YEah.