Friday, April 24, 2009

What's It Like Having Steve Home?

People are asking how things are going with having Steve home again. Here's a photo to illustrate what it's like:

Can you guess which bed is his?


Enjoying his company.

Having awesome gospel discussions.

He's actually interested in what mom has to say.

He helps me TONS with my Spanish.

He's polite and considerate and asks permission even though he's 21.

He eats my food and likes it.

He's really a handsome boy


None really except that he doesn't have a car or a job yet so it's hard for him.

So when he needs a car-I'm carless-or visa versa.

But otherwise it's

Pretty Awesome!


John Taylor Family said...

AWESOME!! I love my discussions with Shane already..can't wait for more in depth ones :)

Hope Steve finds a job soon :)

Momza said...

Oh how I have been there! When my RM Son came home, he was a new person in every aspect, except his room. He was as messy as ever. That didn't change until he got married....apparently, he is more afraid of her than me--as it should be!

Kassi Jane said...

cool! i am glad he is doing great! cant wait to see him sometime

Joy For Your Journey said...

I hope he is able to find a job soon. Coming home from a mission is such an adjustment and it is only made more difficlt when you can't stay as busy as you used to be. How fun to have him home though. Enjoy that, since the next thing you know some girl has captured his heart and he is gone again. :-)

Allyson said...

I am so glad your enjoying him. Return Missionaries are the BEST!

So what are his plans? School? Jobs?

Lori said...

Yeah, it sounds like he has really grown up! What are his plans as far as school and work?

Reno said...

When my boys came home, the best thing was that they finally appreciated a clean bathroom!

Patrice said...

That's why I'm enjoying Ben so much! What kind of job is he looking for?

Amy said...

That picture cracked me up. Steve is turning into DAD! That's a good thing though.
I love having him home too.

Holly said...

LOL looks like fun! I hope he is able to find a job soon, I'm looking too, and I know how frustrating it is!!

jen said...

LOL now THAT is a big change. So fun to see how grown up he has become. Such a joy to be around. :)