Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hooray Ole!

I finally figured out how to grow this:

It doesn't like the heat, so don't plant it in the summer (if you live in Arizona)
And the best way to plant it is from seed.
And then be patient. It takes for-ev-ah to sprout.
But I went out back today and snipped a batch:

(sorry bad photo)
To make this:

Black bean/Corn salad. Yummmmy!

I know there are people who will want the recipe but it is copywrited.......I'll give the approximates and  you go from there.....

I used one can of black beans, rinsed
A bag of my frozen corn from last summer (you gotta use frozen or fresh-canned is nasty)
Chopped red onion to taste
Chopped red pepper to taste
An avocado
A bunch of cilantro, chopped to taste.
You can add some sliced black olives too, if you want. I didn't this time.

Now you have to make the dressing:

I used equal parts of agave nectar, white rice vinegar (unseasoned), lime juice, one verrrry small jalapeno from my garden, seeded, another hunk of cilantro, some salt and pepper, and fresh garlic. I whizzed that in my blender and poured about half of it on the salad.

Yummmmmmm. So fresh. It's very pretty and colorful and fresh for the winter and good with Mexican food.


Kassi Jane said...

i love celentro in my dad's green chilli potatoe soup! so good!

Momza said...

my mouth is watering! Your taste buds took you to Mexico and mine took us to Japan last night!--my blog is Sushi!

Patrice said...

Wow . . . can I come over?

John Taylor Family said...

Yum! It looks and sounds great!! I love Celentro! I am gonna have to try this recipe.

jen said...

Mmmmmm. Looks super fab. I LOVE cilantro!

Amy said...

Looks yum, Mum! I'm going to hafta try that one sometime.

Joyce A said...

Oh, my, that looks and sounds wonderful. I wonder if I could get Scott to try it. No, probably not.

JustMEtheMOM said...

Oh the cilantro and salad look heavenly - I'm going to experiment until I get it ;)