Thursday, January 21, 2010

Les Happenins @ le chez Du Madwoman

(I thought it was time to change the language up-my apologies to those who speak French)

It's pouring rain, 3/4 of an inch just last night (not counting Mon or Tues night) with more forecast. Yay for free water!

In between the rains, I harvested some cabbages and planted the potatoes. Yes, there are holes in the cabbage. That's cuz I don't spray for bugs. Yes, those are real tomatoes too!!

Good news:  My new washer and dryer sings to me. My sister wanted to know what genre of music....
Sort of a zippidity-doo-dah kind with a digital twist.
Bad news: The dryer is making a nasty clanking noise inside. New one arrives this afternoon (crazy).

I swear this guy is growing an inch a day! Every time we walk by, it's a little taller. It's some bulbs that I forced, courtesy of Jessica via birthday present to me! It's verry easy to do. Just plant, keep in the fridg for a couple of weeks, take it out and watch the magic!  Springtime in the winter!

TL is on the mend. He's still coughing up a lung, but feels well enough to go to work.

More bad news. It never fails when we splurge and buy something new, something old breaks. You can't see this, but it's a crack right through the burner of my ceramic cooktop, not including the two other cracks that I think crazy Linda, the former cleaning lady, caused. {sigh} Back to Sears....

Phase I of the new bedspread project. I found all this stuff for the same cost of the one other bedspread. More pillows and a quilt at the end of the bed coming......

Sorry to inform you kids, but I'm retiring this quilt. Much loved, full of holes, courtesy of GGMA.
(I can hear the screaming in agony)
If you want to claim it, you have two days......To be replaced by:

This cuteness courtesy of Jessica. Another present for me, made out of our old Christmas jammies!
Cute and clever idea.  It's yummy and comfy and warm too.

He passed his test!
First official day of the newest insurance agent on the block...
Off to his first appointment...

That's it.
At 9:31 am
Mountain Standard Time
Le Chez du Madwoman


angieinpink said...

i swear: your family reminds me so much of my family. we have a blanket just like that [only it's yellow]....if my mom threw it out, there would be serious consequences.

ps: i want to plant vegetables. am i too late?

Just ME the MOM said...

Sounds like a full day! I am so envious of the red, ripe beautiful tomatoes. It will be many more months in Utah before I have that opportunity. (especially there two new inches of snow on my back patio today . . .)

So enjoy!


Momza said...

So if I join my friends Nan and Kelly on a trip to AZ next month, what are the chances you'll be around??

Granny J said...

those new washer and dryers look so high tech!

Patrice said...

I love the quilt idea!!

John Taylor Family said...

Wow lots of news! Busy busy :)

Jessica said...


Don't get rid of it...sniff, sniff, sniff...But, I don't want it either. I feel the pain all over again like when you got rid of that one peach blanket. Does anyone else remember that one? Sniff

Alice Wills Gold said...

I WANT your garden!