Friday, January 8, 2010

Proof Positive..

That I did create for Christmas.
I'm only a few weeks late.....

These don't look like much in the photos but they are so cute!
I found this pattern in the fall and made the littlest people matching jackets.

The girls got matching diva skirts, with tulle slips.

And because I was so lame on Christmas Day, thinking about my missionary phone call and such...
I forgot to take a photo of the matching aprons.
So this is the model demonstrating the apron a week and a half later.

All the little guys got their own jammie pants to match their daddies.

I came up with the genius hair-brained idea to make all the girls jammie pants this year.
I thought if I made them that I could cut them longer (since we're a long-legged bunch)
But they all fit weird.
So girls, you have my permission to do something else with these pants...
Make a teapot cozy, or some such thing....

I made each family a heritage book, with their ancestors.
And what has become a fun tradition...

An ABC book for the kids.
I also made quiet books for each family.
I'm really not an overachiever.
I just love creating for Christmas.
Most of the stuff I made in a couple of days.
I started working on it last summer.
I'm still recovering.


Granny J said...

Wierd fit or not....cute stuff! I need to start now for next Christmas....first I've got to clean out the craft room! YIKES!

Cassandra said...

Well we all LOVE that you love to create things for us. It makes all of so excited each year to see what you have been up to for the last six months. Thanks again for a magical Christmas.

John Taylor Family said...

You are so talented! What great gifts that your family will treasure forever!!

Momza said...

My goodness, Marilyn! You are so talented and giving! Everything is so darling and thoughtful too!
Cute cute cute!!!

Amy said...

I adore the homemade gifts, Mama. I can't wait until my own little ones get adorable matchy things and quiet books!!!
The heritage book made me cry, you did such a good job on it!
I love doing creative things for gifts too. Sometimes it's cheaper and it ALWAYS means so much more tot he recipient!

Reno said...

Wow! You did a terrific job of creating Christmas for your family!

Allyson said...

Wow. Wow. WOW!!!!!!

You are amazing. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. Love the jackets!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Wow. Very impressive. Such cute stuff! So four days before Christmas, I gave all my kids money and sent them to the store to buy what they wanted--at least clothes wise. And I had a couple nights where my husband and I went shopping. That was it. The extent of my Christmas shopping/preparation. I was feeling okay about it though--until I read your blog. :-)

Patrice said...

Overachiever! (Everything is so cute; I'm just jealous.)

RhondaLue said...

After about the 3rd or 4th set of "CreationS" I felt very crappy about myself. Just wanted you to know. Merry CHristmas!

Ok, who am I kidding, after the first pic of the jackets I already felt that way.

Seriously though, You are SO amazingly talented. Your family is very lucky to have you! LOVE THE SKIRTS!!!!!!!!! (and jackets, and baby pj pants, and girls pj pants, and...well you get it.)