Thursday, January 14, 2010

Listening to Your inner Voice-Part 2

I shoulda listened.
It would have saved me some grief.
It's not a big deal.
It's just that now I have another thing on my list of things to do.

You see, I've wanted a new bedspread for a loooong time.
It has to be just the right one.
Not a heavy comforter.
Because we live in AZ.
I like the color red.
Just because.

I could never find just the right one.
Until I was surfing the internet last week and I saw one that spoke to me.
I had received an unexpected refund from a medical bill.
I had a little saved from the measly paychecks I receive for transcribing doctor reports.
And I thought, hey....just go for it.
But then I hesitated just a little bit.......
And I forced myself to push the purchase button.
Because it was high time I got a bedspread.
And I needed to just be done with it.

The UPS man rang my doorbell the other night.
In anticipation, I went running, opened the box and laid the bedspread on my bed.

My heart sank.
I just wasn't feeling it.
I took a picture with my cell phone and forwarded it to some of  the female members of the family for her opinion.
The response was all a guarded, well....yes, it's nice.
I could tell they were trying not to hurt my feelings.
Finally the statement,
"It just isn't you exactly."
Even TL kindly said it was fine with him.
I even asked Steve's girlfriend her opinion.
She liked it.
I think because she wants to please me.

But they were all right.
It wasn't me.
Too country.
I like toile, just in smaller amounts.
So there you go.
Listen to the inner voice.
Now I have to trot down to the mall 20 miles away to return it.
And start my quest for a bedspread all over again.

I shoulda listened.


Momza said...

Shoot! But I love the toile. Love it!

Jessica said...

yes, but you potentially get to go with me and have a grand time returning the end result can't bethat bad :)

Kassi Jane said...

thats why i am always half scared to order online! it seems to me that i am always a little disapointed!

GGMA said...

You are right. It just isn't you. You could do better with your own handy dandy sewing machine.

John Taylor Family said...

I like it! But ya I can see the have been searching and thought you had it!

Good luck on your search :)

Allyson said...

At least you don't have to send it in the mail....good luck on your switch!

jen said...

See...that is why it took me TWELVE stinkin years to buy my bedroom stuff. Which I ADORE, but I feel your pain. Can't wait to see what you do come up with!

Joyce A said...

Well, I like it. I must be country!

Alice Wills Gold said...

You know I LOVE RED too.

But, I hate that bedspread.

Just keeping it real.

At least you can return it.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I have found in my little decorating that red POPS beautifully if it is used as an accent. I limit myself to accent only now. My red walls in my kitchen taught me I don't want to stare at it.