Sunday, January 17, 2010

God Knows each of Us

I believe that God knows each of us by name.
He knows our needs, wants and the deepest desires of our hearts.


Last week I had just returned home from a yoga class.
Dressed in my saggy yoga pants.
White socks and goofy slippers.
When I received a call from my husband that a blessing was needed.
Would I send my son to the nearby hospital
To assist in giving a priesthood blessing?


I relayed the message.
And then I stopped and had a thought.
I really should go with them and check in on one of my dear sisters
Who has been in the hospital, recovering from surgery.

I ran after my son,
In my saggy yoga pants,
white socks and goofy slippers.

After the blessing was given, we rode upstairs to the fifth floor.
Entered the room quietly and hesitantly.
And saw my dear little sister sitting, propped up in a chair, looking forlorn
in front of her lunch
which she was trying to gag down.

Her face brightened, and she spoke of her pains, her family and her future plans.
Then a doctor entered.
Brisk and professional.
A very nice man, to be sure, but with a different accent than ours.
He checked her over, speaking rapidly.

We began to translate for her,
making sure she understood what he said, and he understood what she said.
Then he left.

She looked up at us with tear-filled eyes,
and began to praise God for her many blessings
at this difficult time in her life,
and especially at the exact moment that He sent us there
to help her understand and communicate with a busy doctor.

And I almost missed it.
Because of my saggy yoga pants
white socks and goofy slippers.

And that's how I know that God knows us each by name.


Granny J said...

Very nice. Hospitals and airports are mysterious places for me. Having spent a few days in NM's largest hospital this past week,... well let me say....there are many opportunities for service to our brothers and sisters. All is well here...grandson had his surgery.

Patrice said...

I'm so glad you were in tune. I loved your testimony!

Momza said...

Thank you for sharing that, Marilyn. It's a message I needed to hear this morning, as I was just asking that very question.Often, it is easier to see the hand of God on others' lives and not see His in my own. So thank you. Good thoughts goign out for this sweet sister and her family.

kristie said...

So glad you were able to help her.

Kassi Jane said...

thanks for sharing your testimony with us all!

Jessica said...

tears :) thanks mom.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I never cease to be amazed how God is in the little details of our life. And a God who cares about all the little things, certainly has to care about the big ones.

jen said...


Larissa said...

I love to hear all the neat experiences you are having! I love your testimony and agree with you 100%

Larissa said...

Aunt Marilyn..can't get into Jen's blog anymore will you ask her to send me an invite? I have never had trouble getting in to her blog before!

sandalloons40 said...

yippee!!!! he knows each by name cuz he first loved us before we ever knew him. He knew us before we even loved him.
what a great testimony of God's love for us!

Lisa said...

What a neat story! I bet your sweet little sister will always remember!

Amy said...

that was so awesome, Mom. Thanks for being such an incredible example! Saggy yoga pants and all.

Kristin said...

Exactly - I know it . . . what a beautiful story. I'm so glad I stopped by today.


Alice Wills Gold said...

Thank you (through the tears) I needed that today.