Monday, January 4, 2010

A Slice of Life from the First monday of 2010

I've been super busy with this for the last week.
And the forecast is for more busyness this week.

I've pretty much de-Christmas-ized my house.
Except that it looks nekked.
I'm going to put some lamps on this table; we need more light.
P.S. Jen, I took this photo with no flash, iso 800, f/2.8!

Evidence that I still drink green smoothies.
Except I've fallen off the wagon this last couple of weeks.

We're starting a new project.
More details later.

We're hosting the Winter formal dinner here this weekend.
The first one was cancelled due to the High School State Championship Football Game.
(which they lost)

My garden is a jungle.
This is the "tuce" patch.
Most of this is destined for the compost since the greens are too bitter to eat.

Trying to get the cooking mo-jo back.
By gaining inspiration from some cookbooks.

Okay, now I got to get back to the 29 1/2 things on my to-do list.
Oh, 28 1/2 things.


RhondaLue said...

We just might be hosting the formal dinner at our place too. Hoping to get out of it but we'll see! lol

My house looked nekked for about 10 minutes till I pulled out the Valentines day decor. Yep, it's up already. lol

John Taylor Family said...

WOW! Holy projects!!

jen said...

Way to go on the natural light shot! Woot! Wishing my house looked like your laundry room. Sigh...still trying to convince the man. My house is nekked too....but I kind of like it. :) I forgot to show you my new bedding yesterday! You have to come up & see...

Valerie said...

You go to a Spanish-speaking ward? Me too. Now I'm curious to see your project that you've started on the wall. :)