Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Happens When you Completely ignore the Garden

You have masses of broccoli, including a bunch I had to throw out because it had gone to flower.
To the tune of more than five pounds!

And I had to mow down the lettuce patch because a lot of the greens were too bitter to eat.
But these guys are nice and sweet, romaine hearts.

I'm hoping to jump on the bandwagon again and pay a little more attention..
Until the next crisis/activity.....


Amy said...


Joy For Your Journey said...

That is still pretty impressive. My garden was ignored and everything died or was eaten by the jackrabbits. I had nothing to show for it.

Momza said...

Oh I would just love to have some fresh veggies right about now! It's a snippy 10o outside tho...the only thing that'll grow right now are icicles.

fullfreezer said...

I ignored my broccoli a few months ago and got a surprise as well. Actually, I thought it was done but it shot out side shoots and produced more! I'm impressed that you have anything at this time. My garden is under about 12 inches of snow and it's been below freezing for several weeks.
It looks like you had a wonderful holiday.