Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The 5 W's

Who: Teenage daughter
What: Perfectly made bed
When: 8 AM today (maybe earlier but I didn't see it until then)
Where: Teenage daughter's bedroom
Why: Ummm.Did she sleep in this bed last night-or on this bed last night? (she's in my unmade bed at the moment!)


sandalloons40 said...

cute bed, nice and clean room for a teenager. Yikes you wouldn't want to see my three children's room. YIKES!

Ok, I have 3 dozen more eggs and maybe you can tell me what you would like me to count you in for, weekly or bi-weekly? Just incase I have loads of orders.

I use them also and try to conserve to make room for sales. LOL

Some weeks maybe molting or low hatching but, just give me some idea so I will know ok?

Lovely house as I will tell you, when I was coming home I was thinking I wonder if that same contractor can build your home here> LOL I love, love, love the open ness.

our home is full of love of coarse and clutter as it is closed up more and not so open, but, we love it regardless as it is our home.

Ok, well you take care and nice to see ya!

John Taylor Family said...

Wow...can she give some pointers to my girls!!!

That is a clean room!

Allyson said...

Wow, I am super impressed. Cute bedspread too! I only hope I have clean children, as they grow.