Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just a Few Items of Business

#1 I just spent the last 30 minutes organizing my web "favorites." I was getting tired of going all over the place to check out my favorite web sites so now I have folders called:


Bloggy Friends

Food Storage (my latest obsession-remember?)




Whew-I feel better. I wonder where yours is??????

#2 I keep forgetting to post a link to my daughter's AWESOME photography blog.....go check it out here:

#3 We have another missionary! Now me & my sissies all have missionary boys....Elder H. entered the MTC yesterday-bound for Taiwan in a few months.....isn't he a cutie??


Mari said...

Hey, there's my lil bro who I know and love! Have you tried google reader? It's a great way to stay updated on everyone's blogs and websites and stuff without having to click on everybody's name all the time.

Allyson said...

I just love Jen's new adventure--how cool!

Suzie said...

hey, he is cute! Good Luck Elder H!

Lori said...

I need to do the same thing - organize! I love all the creative things you think to blog. Jen's blog is beautiful!

♥Alyssa♥ said...

he is a cutie!! but he is my cuz so that kinda weird! haha

Justin said...

Elder H. is a great missionary. I was one of his teachers in the MTC, and he did very well learning the language and preparing to teach the Taiwanese people. He is full of heart and dedicated to the Lord and His work.