Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday Flashback or La Cita Primera

This last week in Spanish class we have been studying the past imperfect verb tense. This has bugged me for years, trying to figure out how it worked. I am happy to report that I finally get it! (doin' the happy dance here)

This tense is used when speaking of what you used to do, or what you were doing.

(Be patient-I'm getting to the point of my Friday flashback)

One of the questions we had to practice was "que hacias en tu primera cita?" (or something like that-can't remember exactly how to say it.....or in other words, what did you do for your first date?

Now...I am in a class of 20 year olds. They can ramble on for hours recalling the tiniest details of their first I actually couldn't remember the name of the guy!

So here's my Friday flashback point here......

This is me in the olden days. This was actually not my first official guy ask girl date. This was the famous (infamous?) Gold and Green Ball-I had to BEG my parents to let me go on a very large group date because I actually wasn't........ahem........16 yet. (I know I risk the wrath of the as yet not 16 yr old girl child in my household) This is me and Randy prior to the big dance posing with our VERY LARGE youth group.....(watch the hand there buddy!)

This dance created mass hysteria amongst the women folk of the ward, trying to figure out who was going to pair up with who.....taking into account all the romances or ex-romances at the time......planning our dresses.....I actually don't even rememer the dance part-but I vividly remember this part-meeting together in a parent's house in a very large group, getting our flowers awkwardly pinned on-posing for photos.

And I actually do remember my first date......we went on a double date, me, Eddie, (see I remembered the name at about 9 pm later that night!), Linda and Bobby. We went to the

drag races

very romantic.

My partner in Spanish asked me (in Spanish) did you get a kiss?

My response? (I learned a new verb!)

Me hui! (I fled!)


Allyson said...

That's funny! And your right this entry could get you in BIG Trouble!

Amy said...

Bom-chicka-wow-wow! Ha ha. Jk. Cool insight into your teenage years, mum!


WOOO HOO! ha ha!!! you are so funny!!!!!