Friday, September 12, 2008

Go Team!

Yesterday was the high school swim meet.
Miss Liss is on the team.
We went to the meet and watched her swim.
Then comes the last event, the 4 x 100 freestyle relay.
The home team is barely ahead.
Swimmer #2 drops behind a bit.
Swimmer #3 is just barely keeping it close.
Swimmer #4 dives in.
With superhuman effort, she puts it into high gear and on the last lap, OVERTAKES THE LEAD.
Mom and Dad are jumping up and down screaming-go go go go go go!
We hold our breath!
Miss Liss has won it for the home team!

(not a photo from the actual meet-the sacred camera is in the shop-miss liss on the right)

We find out later her goggles fell off were dragging around her mouth! So it was really a Michael Phelps finish!


Patrice said...

Woo hoo! Way to go!

Lori said...

Go Liss Go Liss, awesome job!

John Taylor Family said... always helps to have at least one Super Hero in the family :)


Allyson said...

Wow, GOLD medal deserved! That is so awesome.

sandalloons44 said...

hey Chick, guess what? We got brand new, 3 baby chicks yesterday. I will post them soon on my blog as I needed to switch to
Now I have to pay as getting a blog for free wont' work. LOL

kristie said...

Way to go!

angela dunn said...

I love Micheal Phelps finishes! So exciting! Congrats!

Oh Marilyn...always a pleasure to catch up on your cute blogs.