Thursday, September 11, 2008


Do you remember where you were seven years ago today? It was one of those memory imbedded moments in life, like remembering where you were when JFK was assassinated, or the Pearl Harbor attacks....(if you are old enough to remember that!)

I remember getting the phone call from TL saying, "turn on the TV!"

I didn't want to, I was busy, I never watch TV in the morning, but I did.

I remember the feeling of shock and horror, watching the towers fall.

I remember keeping that TV on for days and days, anxiously watching every news update.

I remember listening to the words of a strong and decisive President of the United States.

I remember eagerly awaiting the words of comfort and counsel from a Prophet of God.

I remember the eery silence of the skies over my head.

I remember worrying about family and friends who were stranded in far away places, trying to get home.

Today I am:

Remembering those who lost their lives that day and saying a prayer for their families.

Remembering those who have left family and home to help preserve our freedoms and security (thanks Zak!)

Remembering those who fought and paid the ultimate price to keep that freedom.


John Taylor Family said...

Oh I remember this day and am reminded of it every day! Living next to an Air Force Base and the sound of the jets and is very hard to forget!

I will have to post about this on my blog too...thanks for the reminder!

Allyson said...

Yep, that was a tough day for me too. Maybe I'll blog about it after kids are done with school and therapy later today.


Kassi Jane said...

thanks for giving a shout out to zak!

Spin said...

amen tp all that and we will never forget

sandalloons44 said...

yes I remember waking up and turning on the T.V. for the Today's show.

I was confused but, oh before that I put in a video of for Respect Life and got so sad for the video, then turned on and saw the 2nd plane hit. I called my husband immediately and he said yes, he heard it on the radio, while at work.

then I was so sad and it was so disbelief for everyone. They were asking us to buy a flag and show our support. I looked everywhere and everyone was out of stock but, I did find a flag pin. I remember the wind taking out big flag before as I didn't even have one flag????????? yikes.

The Babir Sikh Sodie, got killed at the Chevron by our house. It was so sad as my husband's good friend was doing this landscaping and missed bullets.

He was the nicest India immigrant. He often would tell me Michelle you are buying just sunflowers seeds today, you don't want coke, I can buy you a coke. I said oh no that is ok I didnt' want one today. Then we went to a dinner party and I got sick to my stomach. so, we started a second vigil for him and I just hugged his sister.

Such sad situations. Over the years time heals all of us but, we wont' forget if we wanted to.

thanks for remembering.