Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Musings

Today, I hope, is a recovery day.
Recovery from the marathan Sundays I have.
Recovery from the chaos that was the first Primary Program practice.

I know in my head that the first practice is always chaotic. I know that everything will work out just fine. I know this, in my fourth year of primary programs, that all will be well and the Spirit will be there and the kids will be fine. But I am weary....feeling discouraged at criticism....and my heart is a tad bit sore. We have the wonderful and unique opportunity of having a bilingual Primary program in our ward-we have a Spanish speaking branch attached to our ward.

I so dearly, dearly love my Hispanic brothers and sisters. I have served in the branch for over 3 years along-side my ward calling (hence my marathon Sundays). Words fail me when I try to describe how much joy I feel when I am with my Spanish-speaking friends. I adore the Spanish language and I'm trying hard to learn it to prepare to serve them someday full time.

But it is hard to combine cultures and languages and Spanish dialogues and little children, thus, my weariness and perhaps this is why I didn't sleep so well last night......

But we are all God's children-the Spirit is the same-no matter what language-I know all will be well, especially in two weeks when we are done....and....when I get a good night's sleep!


Granny J said...

Yesterday was our first practice in the chapel. We have new choir looked like a bunch of little jumping beans! I too know that everything will work out always does....but getting to the end is a little nerve fraying!

LHammer said...

Oh how I remember those days! Guess what happened at our primary program? Half an hour before church started the power went out. No lights, and more importantly, no mike. The littlest kids looked so confused when they got up to speak and couldn't hear their own voice. They carried on, however, and it was enjoyed by the rest of us who sat in the dark.
Here was my weekend: Auxiliary training on Saturday, plus playing the organ on Saturday, plus playing for Stake conference on Sunday. I was whipped too!

Patrice said...

I didn't know you had all that going on! We practiced yesterday, too, and I came home a little frazzled, too!

Debbie said...

It will be wonderful. I remember the program last year and how neat it was to hear the songs and testimonies in spanish as well as English. Thanks for all your hard work. The kids love you! (and us parents too)

Lori said...

I am sure everything will go perfect! What a neat opportunity!

John Taylor Family said...

I just love serving in the primary. Yesterday we visited a wards Primary Program. There was one child with a extra special loud voice.

Several people were around us giggling. I cried the whole time the spirit was sooo strong I think due to this little sweet spirit! Isn't it great that no matter how we look, speak or sing we are all children of God.

Hang in's well worth it!

Spin said...

no fear. somehow - well by the grace of God of course - the Primary program is always the perfect sunday and comes off great. i just always tell myself that all people really care about is seeing there cute little cherubs up there smiling, singing and speaking and somehow everything falls into place. quit stressing, it will be wonderful

Anonymous said...

I was released from my primary chorister job just a couple of months before the program. But in our ward we have 10+ special needs kids. We are having a special ward activity around understanding how to best help these little ones.
Autistic children top the list--seems like the number of kids on the autism spectrum has skyrocketing. Makes me think nutrition.