Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Take on Twilight

Let me preface this by saying I am not among the legions of Edward-adoring fans. Sorry-I read Book I, but I got stuck in Book II in the month know where you turn the page and the months go by...and never finished.

****For my mom.....The Twilight series is a book written by an LDS woman living here in the sunny state of AZ, she is now a billionaire...It's the story of lonely Bella who has to move from the sunniest state in the US to the cloudiest state in the US, living in Forks, WA with her father, whom she barely knows. She is irresistably drawn to a strange boy in her biology class....and after some agonizing teenage angst..amazingly he is drawn to her......but we have a problem....Edward is a vampire! So they fall in love and he is tormented because not only does he love her, he wants to drink her blood!

Yesterday one of my daughters called and said, "hey you wanna go see Twilight?" I thought, sure why not? After all Miss Alyssa had been amongst the hordes of crazed fans the night before, waiting in line to see the movie with her chaperone, Bubba D. (yes----I let her go!) So here's my take on Twilight.......

All in all, it was a good movie, entertaining, clean, with some violence at the end to make it exciting. I thought it was a little low budget in some ways but a good movie and a fairly good representation of the book. (of course I haven't read the book 500 times so I am not a super good judge of how faithful it was to the book).

The cast of Characters:
Bella: I thought she was very good, pretty enough, but not too pretty, really good at the teenage angst thing and good at portraying her passion for Edward.

Edward: I guess Edward grows on you. When I walked out of the movie, I happened to say out loud, "I thought Edward was a little fem." And a guy walked by with his girlfriend said, "Oh, I thought Edward was a beast!" We busted out laughing because he was one of the few people with testosterone in the audience. I wasn't digging too much on his hairdo and his sparkliness was a tiny bit cheesy.

Jacob: Casted as older than I remembered him in the book, didn't dig the long hair.

Dad/Charlie: I actually thought he was really cute-did a good job. (remember I'm OLD)

Alice: I liked her the best. Very cute, very cute hair (ha ha) but when she sniffs Bella's blood, well, sorry, but I cracked up.

Jasper: Has the look of being perpetually constipated.

Dr. Cullen: When he walked into the emergency room, we busted out laughing. He looked like a plastic Ken doll with a bad makeup job. sorry.....(I'm not quite sure if our surrounding audience members appreciated our laughter-we tried to keep it to snickers)

Esme: Sure.

The others: sorry-can't remember their names, but believable (as if vampires were believable, but James was truly evil!)

The cast of teenagers: Well casted as a cast of typical teenagers.

Overall, I thought it was well done-I didn't regret my matinee price of $7.75. I didn't look at my watch once! I enjoyed the random scenes of AZ and cactus, the scene of Bella and Edward on top of the tree was excellent, the baseball game entertaining, the special effects-not great but ok. Did it convince me to become an Edward-adoring fan? Welllll... I guess he kind of grows on you.

Now where is book 2?????


Allyson said...

You are so FUNNY!! I haven't read the books! I'm afraid I would be disappointed. After all, I'm a Harry Potter fan, everything is now compared to these books. Maybe I will have to try it! I do feel a little left out.

Glad you enjoyed, your 7.75 movie---CAN'T BELIEVE A MATINEE IS 7.75!

Patrice said...

I haven't read the books either . . . not sure I want to commit to 4 very long books!

Amy said...

That made me laugh so hard! You forgot the fact that Rosalee was, uh, "thicker" than I pictured her, and Emmett was like this "home boy."
I agree with you that the sparkles looked weird. It looked like static.

Pedaling said...

honest review with a little humor.
i will be going to see it with my kids later today..
we'll have to compare notes!

Kassi Jane said...

that was a great have to read the rest of the books! i havent seen the movie yet but i am excited to go see it