Friday, July 17, 2009

Garden Happenings

We seem to be growing a fine crop of these guys right now-and little else.

Also known as grape leaf skeletonizers. They showed up last year and decimated all the
vegetation on my grapevines before I even realized what was happening.

So this year I was determined to stay ahead of the game.

Faithfully every morning I would go out and pick the affected leaves off the vine-with their little clusters of nasty caterpillars.
But then real life intervenes, early morning appointments, the heat and lack of time.
So today I zapped them with the bug killer.
It felt real good.


Granny J said...

Go gettem' Killer!

Momza said...

Ugh is right! No Fair! I hope your bug zapper does the job!

Jessica said...

those are nasty. now i can see how you get satisfaction from squashing the life out of those little buggers....

Lori said...

Sure hope you GOT them. You have such a good thing going, would hate to have those little creatures ruin it!

Patrice said...

Are you adding them to your pounds for the month? :o) We really did pray for your garden. Do we need to start it up again?

Reno said...

Ewww, ewww, and ewww.
Have you tried chickens?

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Ugh is right! Those are ugly, I really really really hate it when I find bugs in my garden. I try to go organic and some years it works out, some years it doesn't. This year I just don't have time to keep monitoring it so I had to get out the bug spray :(