Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So What's on the Madwoman's Mind Today?

**Kinda annoyed that the post options thingie isn't working-therefore, I can't make a batch of posts at one sitting.

**Had a special time in Utah at my uncle's funeral visiting with cousins. No pictures to share because dumb me left my camera sitting on my sister's kitchen table in SLC. {sigh}

**It's HOT. Just plain HOT. Realizing that this is my time of year to hibernate, stay inside and work on projects. Except there is no way I'm drinking hot chocolate or toasting chestnuts by the fireside. Oh wait-maybe I could roast the chestnuts by placing them outside my back door.......

**The sorry state of my garden. We seem to be growing an abundance of bugs, weeds and lots of leaves, but no produce. I'm thinkin' I may bag the whole thing for awhile-add some nutrients to the soil and wait until it cools off.

This morning's harvest. Jalapenos anyone?

**Wondering who is going to fix my undermount sink that seems to be coming detached from the granite.

**We are the party house. The branch sitting in the shade of the garden on the 4th. My kids and grandkids cooling off in the pool on the 4th.

It was already really hot at 8:00 am.

**Taking bits of fabric and making them into baby quilts for Jessica. I'm setting a deadline of Aug. 8th-her shower date. Wish me luck.

**Waiting for the arrival of the mission call-coming this week.

**That is all.


Momza said...

Your "random blathering" posts are some of the best!
Can't wait to hear where your son is called. Wherever it is, it'll be amazing!

Patrice said...

We are anxiously waiting for that mission call, too! My automatic publishing isn't working either. Luckily, I've been able to quickly log on and push publish for that day.

RhondaLue said...

Wow, keep us "posted" on the mission call! My daughter is sending her missionary "friend boy" off in just a couple of weeks, he's going to England!

good luck on the quilt!

Allyson said...

So this is alot of info!

the sink, bummer
the call, yikes we are excited
the garden, none for me
the bugs, go away
the heat, I'm melting
the quilt, too cute

I hope blogger is up running properly soon. Luv ya!