Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Safe or Out?

I told my mom yesterday that I felt like I was sliding into home plate, but I wasn't sure if I was safe or out.

Things have been just a tad crazy busy this last week, thus my lack of posting, plus I think the posting options thingie on Blogger is acting weird too.


Let's start out today with my latest and greatest in the garden world. One word.


Remember last winter when I was telling people in the frozen north to look forward to the day when they were growing all things green and I would be complaining and crying because I live in the devil's own home?

it's here.

When you wake up at 5:30 am to get some work done in the garden and it's already 90 degrees, well, that sorta takes the motivation factor right out the door. My poor plants have been really feeling the heat-especially since I was gone for half of last week.

Poor yellow squash...Tomatoes are taking a beating.Potatoes just laying over and dying...(but that means it's time to harvest-I guess)The space where the corn used to live, it's now hanging out in the mulch pile.Poor, pathetic green beans. May you rest in peace. I enjoyed your fruits for awhile.


There is a little life left in the ol' garden patch....

Freshly sprouted pumpkin. I'm anticipating some sweet mini pumpkins by Halloween for the grandkids.Potato harvest. Just over 5 lbs. Not great. But edible. I've decided that it's best to grow potatoes here in the fall.Corn harvest. At least I produced some ears of corn. They may fit into the palm of my hand, but at least it worked.

My yellow pear tomatoes are keepin' on keepin' on, producing delicious yellow tomatoes every day.

And my poundage total for the month of June:

55.8 pounds!

My poundage count for the year (at least since I've been keeping track the first of March)is:

110.14 pounds!

Safe or out?

Ok, I guess I'm safe.


Granny J said...

110 lbs. Fantastic! Not to rub it in but I live in the best place in the whole USofA! In winter the snow melts quickly and in the summer (like this morning) it's a bit chilly. AAAAH Come on over and visit! ;)

kristie said...

Looks great to me. We are still waiting to see the fruits of our labor. We have had tons of peas,and some radishes. Our corn didn't really take off. We have a few stalks coming up. Our neighbors had the same problem.

Allyson said...

That's great! It is sad to see all your plants dying. It is aweful HOT out there!

Enjoy those fruits of your labour!

Patrice said...

Did you get rid of the bugs? We really did pray for your garden, especially knowing how hard you have worked for it.

Suzie said...

I do believe you have slid home and made a spectacular run for your team.
Well done!

John Taylor Family said...

Wow! I agree with Kristie...looks good to me :) Do you do all the gardening by yourself? That's alot of work!

Mo said...

Great job! We are in the same place aren't we in giving the garden a well deserved break in the heat. I hope your pumpkins do well!