Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random Food Musings

1. Broccoli is my caffeine.

I know, I know. I can see what look on your face. It was the same look my brother-in-law gave me when I told him the same thing and asked him what was in it that made me feel so good. For whatever reason, whenever I eat steamed broccoli, I have lots of energy. The other night for dinner, I included some steamed broccoli with the dinner (which nobody ate but me) and I had so much energy that evening to clean up the kitchen and get things done. I wondered why, then realized I had eaten broccoli for dinner. It has to be steamed broccoli.

2. The Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde nature of my kitchen.

The dichotomy of the food that is contained in my pantry. The corn dogs as opposed to whole grains. The frozen pizza as opposed to organic spinach. I am really in to eating healthfully and feeding my family that way, but let's be real. I have teenagers. They must be fed food that I would cringe at so that they remain happy at home. I admit though, at times they sneak off to Burger King behind my back. (don't think I don't know it kids!)

3. Doesn't it feel grand when you know what you are having for dinner in the morning??

Today it's pulled pork sandwiches in the crock pot. But I admit, there are many frenetic days when I have no idea what to feed everyone and I refuse to go to the nearest McDonalds. My go-to meal is....soft tacos. Brown the hamburger, open a bottle of canned pinto beans, arrange the fixin's and warm the corn tortillas. It's a done deal and everyone's happy-as long as I have taco sauce and cilantro.

So what's your random food musing today, and what's your go-to meal?


Patrice said...

My go-to meal is Rich's favorite comfort food: hamburger gravy over rice. You can make it in about 10 minutes, and everybody eats it all up. Of course, there's butter and white flour in there, so I usually don't make it unless I am in a quandry and need something fast.

Jessica said...

Grilled cheese! It is great year round. We eat it with all kinds of cheeses and toppings. Chris always has jalapenos on his (gross, i know) but, sometimes I eat mine with ketchup - NOT a pregnancy thing (gross I know). In the summer we eat it with apples or grapes/cucumbers and carrots. In the winter I will make it with tomato soup.

kristie said...

I need your pulled pork recipe. I have been looking for one, but want to try one from someone I know. Do you just use BBQ sauce, or do you use other stuff?

Allyson said...

Got any other crock pot recipes....I love to cook in the to to meal is pork chops and of Justin and Abby's fav's

jen said...

We had the go-to meal tonight...Hawaiian Haystacks. SUPER quick especially when made with canned chicken & the kids LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Makes me wonder why I slave over stuff they turn their noses up at???

RhondaLue said...

go to meal? whole wheat pancakes (always have wheat hanging around) or CEREAL NIGHT!

Lately it's been eggs. Because I have a lot of them and don't want them to waste. Egg sandwiches, scrambled eggs, egg burritos.

Joy For Your Journey said...

So I have been out of the country forever (it seems) and am still actually in Paris, but now that we finally have free email instead of paying a million dollars a minute for it (Okay it was 40 cents but still . . . ) I had to look up where your son got his mission call!! Congratulations to him!! I am sure he will have a wonderful mission.,

I also got a kick out of your flight delay. We fly home tomorrow and hope our planes are all on time. Once we flew to Cancun though and it took us 8 hours from Houston to Cancun due to a weather delay. First we circled for hours and then were going to run out of gas so they took us to Merida where they did NOT let us off the plane and we waited there for three hours. And there was NO food on the plane. We were so glad to finally get there. Hmmmm. Not a good story to be thinking about right now. :-) Congrats again to your son!

c jane said...

Broccoli is my caffeine too. How coincidental is that? Caffeine is so bad for me, that is why I hardly ever eat broccoli. You see, I abstain.

So nice to meet you on Sunday! Thanks for saving The Chief from a life of a runaway hobo. Should I feel bad that my one year old wants to run away? Is it me?

Also, (not a comment about cooking, but re:your email) thanks for saying my dress was cute. I wore that thing all day and not one person told me it was as cute as I thought it was in my head.
You made my day twice: once, for saving my son, the second: for liking my dress.

I will now leave you to your broccoli.