Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Mom Told Me To Blog This

My husband has told me stories of silly mistakes missionaries make when learning the Spanish language. Like when his greenie companion asked for "fried buses" instead of "fried shrimp."

"Camiones fritos" instead of "Camarones fritos."

Gee-I think-I'll never make any dumb mistakes like that.

That's like saying, my kid will never have a snotty nose, or...my kid will never make obnoxious noises during a quiet moment in Sacrament meeting, or...my kid will never run naked into the street...or....

But I digress.

So, the other day I was in a meeting and speaking of ordering some items for the branch. The verb for "to order" is..


Except that there is a similar word that means..

To milk a cow.

The only difference is this little thingie:

It's that little "enye" thingie.

So if you say "ordenyar" instead of ordenar...well.... you get this:

Which causes a vast amount of amusement with the Hispanic crowd.

Yes, I said this.

And remember the little breakfast we had on the 4th? Well, I happened to find out about one minute before Sacrament meeting started that we were hosting that little breakfast, just prior to the announcement. I was fine with this except the person making the announcement told everyone to bring their things to swim in our pool.

Except he used the word:


Now in my world, that word means-to bathe.

So I'm sitting in the meeting with my mouth popped open and my eyeballs wide thinking "what???"

Apparently this word is also used for swimming.

In my world, the word that I learned in school for swimming is:


I happened to mention this little error to my branch president. He cracked up and said, "What did you think, Sister, we were going to get naked in your pool?"

I think they did it on purpose to disturb me.


Granny J said...

I'm so feeling your pain! We now have 2 girls in Primary that speak no English. Just pronouncing their names make me feel rediculous! One of our teachers (who happens to be Hispanic) made them sound beautiful...I on the other hand sound like fingernails on a chalkboard. Their names are Olga and Paola and I pronounce them as if I were from some Eastern European country! (No offense meant...it's just that they should be softly, rolling off the tongue...I wish!)

Allyson said...

He He --that is sooo funny...thanks for the laugh!

Momza said...

Ha! That's so cute! Sounds like something I would do!

RhondaLue said...

hey! I was taught Nadar too! And that was in college. What a funny post. I LOVE IT! Those little enya thingamabobbers can sure cause some chaos, eh? teehee

LaSchelle and Kurt said...

Too funny! Props to you for learning Spanish!