Monday, August 17, 2009

Family, Fun and Food!

What could be better? A magic combination. This last weekend was filled with all three.

First, a family wedding is a good excuse to get together and hang out. Why is it that we only get together at funerals or weddings? I got to visit with my cousins that I haven't seen for YEARS. I felt like I could have hugged Cousin A. for ten minutes! It was so great to be together-even if the time was short. Cousin A, Cousin M and Cousin S posing for the camera:
What silliness!
We spent some more time with Cousin G's family. He's the oldest son of Cousin A and he actually lives closer than 100 miles to me! What a novelty!
Later that day was a REALLY big family event. One that I had to keep secret!

Was he surprised?
He thought he was checking on a TV at the Crandall's home. He even came prepared with his work notebook.

Did we have fun?
Of course-The Crandall house is the ultimate party house (thanks guys)
There had to be a contest to see who could do the wackiest dive.

Even the little guys got in on the fun.And the food?

Oh my-the food was divine. I think I gained 2 pounds on Saturday. The wedding luncheon was gorgeous and yummy-sorry no photos of the food!

And the surprise party? Oh yum-authentic Hawaiian food-delish!

And of course the requisite ice cream birthday cake from Baskin-Robbins. (a tradition begun by a lazy mother years ago who was too hot to bake during a certain August birthday)Did the day contain the three elements for success?

You betcha!

despite the added poundage!


Allyson said...

Wow, that sounds and looks like a fabulous time. I agree they do have a fun party house, how nice that you could do it there. I think its great that he came all ready to fix a TV and left feeling loved. What a COOOOOOLLLLL family you have!

Patrice said...

Oooh, fun!! We are glad Rick wasn't disappointed!