Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random blathering with a photo Review

I'm brain dead this morning.
Probably because last night as I was stumbling around after a bathroom trip, I planted my face into the corner of a very tall dresser. My left cheekbone is very bruised.
Time + things to accomplish today.....an equation not working

I'm trying to figure out what to feed the missionaries for dinner and how to get it all done so I can go do some visiting tonight.

I have no fresh food in the house.

I need to buy small amounts of fabric to finish up projects. The stores are on opposite ends of my town.

I'm trying to figure out what to buy for my son who is going to be living in Alaska for the next two years. The letter from the mission home says: "just bring clothing suitable for winter weather." Ha-we wear flip flops and shorts most of the winter here.
So here's my random photos:

First day of school yesterday for Steve. Doesn't he look thrilled? A nice scrapworthy photo.Jen sent me a ton of photos yesterday. I'm so beyond happy. Now I just have to get them printed and scrapbooked....I've got more pretty colors to play with, except I notice a complete obsession with polka dots.

Ok-time to get off the computer and get going.

Random enough?


John Taylor Family said...

Sorry about your cheek. While reading what happened...I felt your pain..OUCH!

Hint on winter clothing...dont go over board on the warm stuff. Its all about layers...cause once he gets used to the cold he wont want the big heavy items.

Yep layers is the way to go.

Allyson said...

OUCH!! Kiss-kiss!

hmmmm....my best friend served in Calgary....FREEZING! I know that she waited to buy a bulk of her things there...because they have the good stuff and she could talk to other missionaries to see what they have. I know Thermals were a must. I can email her and get opinions if you'd like!

Granny J said...

Ditto to what JTF said about the injury!

Get some good long-johns from Cabela's!

Momza said...

Arnica gel will help with the swelling, bruising and healing of the cheek!

Love the back to school pic. You're lucky he stood still for it. Nana won't let me take one of her this year, "Ma! I'm in college now!"

As for mission clothing...my oldest son went to Montreal and bought his coat there from another missionary who was leaving actually--it was perfect. David reported that Montreal's winter was much more severe than Colorado's...but he survived! We also sent hand warmers for his gloves and sock warmers for his feet, which he said helped a little.
Layers is right.
Oh and I love polka dots and paisley together!

Patrice said...

Love the fabric. I keep thinking I should be more like you, and then feeling guilty that I'm not (yet, anyway). Okay, push aside the guilt.

I'm taking Melissa to BYU today and feeling some of those same feelings!

cIMINYaLDER said...

I hate bathroom trips! Love the fabric!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Try LLBean or Eddie Bauer (on-line), my brother who just went to Michigan got his stuff there. He couldn't wait to purchase until he got there because he arrived in the middle of the winter so he needed his coat and boots and hat and gloves the moment he stepped off the plane.