Friday, August 21, 2009

Triumph over Garden Adversity

The other day, as I was walking quickly by the garden, trying not to be too depressed, I had to take a double-take. This was hanging out casually on the cucumber vine!
A 1.8 pound Armenian cucumber!
And my 4 lbs of fresh basil got reduced to this:
But oh man, does it ever smell good!
Hope springs eternal.


Allyson said...

Go Marilyn, Go Marilyn!!! It's almost planting time again!

Momza said...

MMMM that basil looks sweet!

GGMA said...

Hey! You are still producing in spite of the heat. Hooray!!

Patrice said...

Yummy, yummy! That's my favorite word!

angieinpink said...

basically you're my hero. way to be gardener extraordinaire.

oh, and about the fabric.

we got it joanns in just the regular quilting fabric section...ya know in the bolts along the walls, color coded style?

gilbert & southern location is where we got it....and i'm pretty sure it's still there.

Nancy Face said...

YAY! Our pathetic garden is still bravely producing a few tomatoes and jalapenos! ;)

fullfreezer said...

Mmm, fresh basil... or dried- it doesn't really matter.