Monday, August 10, 2009

Placing the Foot Firmly in the Mouth.....Again

Yes, I did it again.

Let me explain:

Spanish vocabulary lesson:



Yesterday I had to give a talk in the Spanish branch. Yes, IN Spanish. My topic was teaching our children discipline. Of course you know how you always like to start a talk with a little joke. I told the congregation that the secret to our success as parents was that TL had a BIG BELT. The congregation broke out in hysterical laughter. (Gee I'm thinkin'.... I'm pretty funny haha)

Turns out the joke is on me.

I found out later that instead of using the PROPER word for big belt..cinturon grande, I said...cintura grande...which of course means my husband has a:
Big gut.


Oh well, it wasn't the first time I blew it and it won't be the last time either.


Momza said...

oops! That was funny!

Debbie said...

ha ha ha, you're so cute and I love that you can laugh at yourself.

GGMA said...

Never mind. You provide entertainment for many people. We love you.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Too funny. I got a good kick out of that. How did your husband take it?

Anonymous said...

You gotta love a new language. I served a mission in Italy and once when we were being harassed by men (yes it is true, Italian men make all kinds of advances), I said Non tocar me. I thought this meant, "Don't touch me!" Turned out it means, "It's not my turn."
He did look puzzled after. What was I saying--maybe later you can have your turn to harass me.

Alice Wills Gold said...

That's a good long as your hubby doesn't take offense, you are probably alright.