Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back to The Garden

I've been out digging in the dirt again, since our heat wave seems to have passed. Round II of planting has begun. So here's some photos of the progress of Round I:Peas n' carrotsSome VERY happy bok choy-yum-I'm sensing an impending stir fry here:Progress in the lettuce patch.

Burgeoning broccoli:
Gorgeous red chilis-I've been too lazy-or busy-to pick these and use them for chili rellenos. Okay, Granny J....what do I do with these???

Round II: This is my theory here, or at least what I've been told. When planting, you don't just do it all at once, or then you'll have a harvest all at once. Three weeks ago (or thereabouts), I planted Round I and so yesterday I started Round II-with a few deviations:

See the bigger plants at the top of the picture? They were planted three weeks ago. The itty bitty ones at the bottom were planted yesterday. Now I will have a staggered broccoli/cauliflower harvest.

This year I'm giving celery a shot. We'll see what happens. The lady said to keep it wet.

Widdle plants and dirt. Underneath the dirt is seeds!

Round II, here we go!


Patrice said...

Very smart, Miss Marilyn. Hopefully I will remember all your good advice!

Granny J said...

Chili- roast them over the grill, let them cool a bit and put in freezer bag and freeze. (You can peel them as you use them.) Or sting them and let them dry. We used heavy thread (quilting) and strung ours up...use for decoration or after they dry you can use them to make red sauce! YUM! I just watched a BYU segment on celery....I don't know why we have never tried that. Did you know celery has been genetically (altered) to be's normally pale. Good luck.

Allyson said...

Looking Fabulous! If I were doing a garden, like I should be, I would follow all your advice. Man I feel like a slacker!!

RhondaLue said...

how awesome! And SO smart to stagger the planting. Seriously, no one family needs 14 zucchini's at once. lol

We are just doing tomatoes and strawberries right now. so far have only harvested tomatoes. but they were yum!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Oh! Look how pretty! Those peppers are gorgeous !