Monday, October 26, 2009

So Where in the World is Bubba D??

So, this is a little late, and is old news for some people.

I got a call last Sunday night from Daniel's mission president's wife. She said he arrived safely. She told me how wonderful he is. (I loved that) Then she told me where he is. I gasped.

It's 120 miles south of the Artic Circle.

It's about 200 miles northeast of the tallest mountain in the Northern Hemisphere.

It has the widest range of temperatures in the world. It can go down to -66 degrees in the winter, and up to 99 degrees in the summer.

It's the second largest city in Alaska.

It's Fairbanks, Alaska!

She said he is thrilled!

I told her he doesn't have very much clothing-it's a little hard to find in the desert Southwest.

She says he'll be fine. He can get everything he needs there.

He says they drive trucks to get around. I'm sure he's loving that.

He says it gets so cold sometimes that tires will freeze and break.

He says people live in giant houses or little shacks the size of our family room with a heated wood stove.

Can you see him there? Way in the back left with his arms raised up?

I can't wait to hear what he says next!


Since I post-dated this-we got some PHOTOS of him from a member early this morning:

It looks like he is not a block of ice yet. I'm so glad he gets to carve a pumpkin this year! Thanks Sis. Wilson for thinking of me!!!


Patrice said...

Brrrr! I was cold just anticipating the 64 degree high later this week.

Momza said...

Aww how great to get some pics of your boy! Dontcha love members who think to send information to you?!
So happy to hear he's all safe and sound up there.
We have friend who is going to start meeting with the missionaries up there--he lives in Wasilla tho. (Gov Palin's stompin grounds). Too bad, I was hoping your son could teach him!
Have a great day!

Granny J said...

Whew, it's always good to get that first update. Response to Momza (I hope no one minds)...once I had a few phone calls from some member sisters from my son's mission. After the feelings those calls created in me I decided I would never contact a missionaries family! Every letter (yep, it was back in the letter writing stage) I reminded him that "his wife was not on his mission!" It is interesting that I never felt the need to remind my second missionary of that. My sister on the other hand loves getting any information about her missionary. I love our diversity!

Lori said...

Great update...thanks for sharing! I am sure the people there will take good care of him. Cool that they sent pictures!

Lisa said...

Your son looks great. My sister in law is from Alaska and has told me how beautiful it is. He will love it and the people too.

Momza said...

@Granny: I understand totally how you feel about hearing from members in the area...from my son's mission, it was great to hear from them--but from my daughter's, it left me wanting to hear more from her! As for meeting on the mission...I used to be adamantly opposed to that--until my daughter's AP followed her home and they got married last December! But they will tell you they weren't thinking about each other on the mish. *Thx Marilyn for letting me respond to Granny!

RhondaLue said...

my dad was in the military in the antarctica. Pretty cool when he could tell my kids he was in the north pole. I can't even FATHOM weather that cold. Like seriously, here in Mesa my toes never thaw out all winter long (I should laugh when I say WINTER because it's not REALLLYYYY wintery) so I think I'd crack anywhere any colder! How exciting to get some pics though! He looks like he's having fun so far!! yay!