Friday, October 30, 2009


First harvest yesterday!
Fresh lettuce, red pepper.
How yummy are fresh greenS!
It's not too late to plant some transplants or seeds!
If you don't live in the frozen north.
Or have a greenhouse handy in your back yard.


Granny J said...

Wow...looks yummy. We are hunckering down with thick soup and bread today...if I have any say that is. It's burrrry cold here this morning.

Momza said...

O yummy. Can't see the ground here today for all the snow!! Enjoy the cooler temps with your veggies in AZ.!

Patrice said...

VERY nice!

Joy For Your Journey said...

That looks great. We did not plant a fall garden, I am sorry to say, but we have our neighbors that we steal from. (With their permission, of course:-)

RhondaLue said...