Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things I've Learned this Past Week

Making your own compost REALLY works!

Last summer I added a bunch of grass clippings to the garden, and recently while tilling it up in preparation for our new fall garden, TL told me that the soil in the box that had the clippings in it was the softest and easiest to work. This has fueled my enthusiasm for resuming our composting, (besides the fact that I dearly love our early morning 60-ish degrees)

Don't forget to recharge your camera battery.

Yes, the team photographer forgot last week and the battery died just after the first race (probably because I had been taking so many pictures of my new grandsons)

New babies smell really good.

I've been able to snuggle and kiss the two newest members of the family lots this last week and they are sooooo delicious! I know, I know, more pictures.

If you have sugar issues, don't use juice in your smoothies!

I went to one of "those" dr. appointments last week, you know the yearly one we so love, and received the results of some recent tests I had undergone. (that could be a whole 'nuther blog post topic) So here's the story.....I had been feeling all righteous because of all the nutrition I was gulping down every morning in my green smoothies. Come to find out that my blood sugar was slightly elevated and the dr. told me not to put juice in my morning smoothies, add protein and more fiber, like ground flax. I'm still trying to get used to the taste of my new smoothies.

Listen to your body.

I heard some of the results of those same tests and found out that some of my hormones are completely depleted, you know, the ones that help you function every day. I've been wondering why I've been so I know. She tells me this is the result of stress. Stressed? Me? So what can I get rid of to eliminate stress? My family???? of course not. My church calling? Nope..... My work? I work hardly enough to make a dent in any bills..... What? She suggested I change my way of thinking and reacting to stress.......Any suggestions out there???? It's been a tough week. So I'm trying to rest when I'm tired, go to sleep at night when I'm sleepy, eat when I'm hungry, eliminate more toxic food, you know, the good stuff like chocolate and brownies and ice cream............

You get answers to prayers at the most unexpected times.

Like listening to conference talks. Bam, out of the blue, here comes an inspiration.

As soon as you think your day is organized, it gets all topsy-turvy.

Ear infections, a meeting you didn't know about, refreshments you didn't know you were supposed to provide, an unexpected bill.....need I say more?

Yes, I heard from my missionary son.

He says the MTC is fun.......ish. That word is SO typically him. Except he's having struggles with his companion. He says he is kinda lazy (I busted out laughing at that sentence) He's leaving for the Alaskan north on the 14th. He says he doesn't like cold. Too late now.

Don't buy Utah peaches at the end of the season.


I can't believe it's already Oct. 7th.

When did that happen?


Allyson said...

Wow! Welcome back!!! (to blog world) wish I had some super fantastic advice! I'm stressed all the time!! I feel like there is never a moments peace! Although, a brownie and ice cream always help me, are you sure you can't have that stuff.:-) I'll be tuning back in to see what others will advise you to do! Loved Conference too! Have a great day-- Love ya!

GGMA said...

Try Yoga. I've heard it works for stress.

Granny J said...

I'm right there with you! As you know I have the tells me all the time STRESS. I've asked myself the same questions, same results, yadda, yadda. Check out this too easy but works wonders! My family gets really frustrated with me because I will NEVER commit myself to anything. This is when I tap and work on forgiving myself and other's for any mis-perceptions. When feeling; I ought too, should have, could have...I take a deep breath and let it go! Life is what it is and I'm doing my best!

RhondaLue said...

WHAT? It's oct 7th? HOW DARE YOU TELL ME THAT! Seriously, I had to just go look at the date to see if you were foolin' me. I've been writing checks today and writing the 4th. I've lost a few days there somewhere. Oh well.

I was going to suggest you add a little ice cream to the smoothie (low fat kind) until you mentioned cutting that out too. What about adding some Agave to sweeten it? It doesn't cause a blood sugar spike or do anything to your Glycemic Index....errr...sumpin' like that. We use it to sweeten because of that.
google it, I hope it's the answer to your smoothie problem! Good luck!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I am trying to remember everything to comment on . . .but here is my attempt. Congrats at hearing from your son. I had to laugh at him not liking the cold. I don't like it either and I froze in ALaska in the summer!! Stress--good luck with that. If you find a way to reduce it without eliminating anything from your life, please let me know the secret.

And about baby smells. Oh, I so agee!! (At least most of the time.)

Patrice said...

New babies DO smell good. Sometimes I just buy the Johnson's Baby Lotion because I miss that baby smell.