Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big Announcement!

This is really BIG!

When we went outside this morning at 6:30 am, it was:

66 degrees!!!!!


The next few days are going to be busy with grandkids, gardening, family and conference, (not to mention Sacred Hair Day tomorrow) so I'll catch you on the other end of the weekend!!



Patrice said...

We need details on Sacred Hair Day. It sounds like something I'd want to do!

We opened all the doors and loved it!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Didn't it feel great this morning? It was almost cold!! :-) Have fun the next few days.

kristie said...

Wow! Imagine that. I didn't think it got that cool in Mesa! Enjoy it.

Debbie said...

So can you give me some advice as to what I should be planting right now. I have no clue. I'm use to Utah gardening, but what to learn the trick to AZ gardening so I thought I'd ask the pro! :)

Momza said...

Oh isn't that nice? Good for you!!!

Nancy Face said...

I go running with Hubby Man and Zach every morning while it's still dark, and the other day my ears were aching from the cold air! No joke! (What a wimp, huh?) :D