Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sick Day

For the record, I took a sick day yesterday.
Because inbetween all the partying and doing and stuff (most of which I haven't even blogged about)
I have felt absolutely awful.
Like sweats in the middle of meetings.
Achy body.
Feeling like throwing up after every meal.
Scratchy throat that never develops into a full blown sore throat.
Except that I haven't felt sick enough to go to bed.

Until yesterday.
I said enough was enough and I declared the day an official sick day.

I answered a minimum of phone calls.
Took a nap.
Didn't wear makeup or contacts.
Went to the myopractor----some blessed relief.
Ditched out on the Trunk or Treat last night......I decided to take off the "relief society president" calling and not go even though there were many members and investigators who attended.
Actually watched tv on the couch last night. (which is rare)
In between dozing off I caught up on
The weather (warming up after today)
The latest slime that Jon & Kate are throwing at each other (I quit watching their show-ug)
Some really funny episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, except I can't remember the plot.
Some stuff on HGTV-somebody from Utah buying a mansion in Mexico and some crazy young couple tearing up a room to make a play room.
Enough late night tv to last me for awhile, in between sleeping.

But I did do about 6 loads of laundry.
Worked on a new photo book of our trip to California.
Vacuumed all hard surface floors in the house.
Did my dictation.

So I guess all was not lost.

Do I feel better?
I better.
I'm taking some nice ladies to the temple in about 30 minutes.
And I woke up this morning listening to poor Steve in the bathroom.

I think he's taking a sick day today.

P.S. Please don't tell me how lucky I am that I can take a day off and be sick without kids. Trust me, been there done that......


Reno said...

Looking at the list of things you did on your sick day- I'm not sure you really understand how to actually take a day off!
Hope you all feel better.

Granny J said...

Yeah....what Reno said!

Suzie said...

Doing all those things does not constitute a real sick day for most people, but you are not most people. You are a go-getter and I love that about you!
I sure hope you really are better today.

Allyson said...

Being sick is no fun, kids or no kids!!!!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I am so sorry you were sick but glad you are improving. I seriously have not been sick in about four years and sometimes I wish I could be sick just enough to stay in bed for a few hours guilt free. But after listening to your day down, maybe I don't want that after all. If I am going to be doing a lot of laundry, I would rather be healthy when I am doing it.:-)

Hope you had a nice day at the temple.

Patrice said...

That doesn't sound like you rested too much to me!! Hope you are REALLY feeling better!

Momza said...

You do alll that on your sick day?
I'm such a slug. I get that much done on my good days!
Hope u enjoyed the temple!