Saturday, August 21, 2010

1,000th reason why my Mom is Cool

She's 83.
It doesn't matter that she has a facebook account.
Or her own personal laptop.

But she told me the other day that
Mindy Gledhill is in her ward!!

I'm awed.

(someday my teenage daughter will think I'm cool too!)


Connie said...

Yes, your mom is cool! My Dad is 83 and he has a face book account too! Maybe they could be friends! My Mom is 87 and she doesn't have her own FB account but she monitors my Dad's.
Mindy Gledhill was a hit at my son's wedding luncheon (her song, anyway)
I bet your teenage daughter thinks you're cool, she just doesn't say it, because that's NOT cool!

Reno said...

I think you're cool already and I haven't even met you. I didn't know who Mindy Gledhill is but now that I do- I think your Mom is way cool, too!

GGMA said...

Hey she is just an ordinary mom with a couple of cute kids. What do I know?

Momza said...

love Mindy's music...we've met her a few times and she is always fun and gracious!
And your mom was cool before that! lol

Suzie said...

That is 100% completely awesome!

Jen said...

Grandma is THE COOLEST! And yes she has seriously awesome neighbors.

Jessica said...

I am so excited to visit grandma...I might have to drive by Mindy's house...too bad I bought her music on iTunes..or I would probably beg Grandma to call her to sign a cd or something. I LOVE her music...Doesn't grandma live by Nienie too?

Grandma is my hero.

p.s. Mom - I think your cool....and I was your teenage daughter at one point in my life :)

Kerin said...

What a great post!
I am sure that the other 999 reasons are just as cool as the 1000th reason :)