Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Patter of Little Feet

It seems we have had these little guys around lots the last few days on my bloggie, but I can't help it, they are SO cute. Yesterday we had a little celebration of the end of the summer....
We swam and ate hot dogs.
I pretty much left my camera alone, except for a quick photo at the end.
One little person was having a melt down (can you tell which one?)
And we lost another little person down the hall.
And another one started school yesterday!
(and another one is still in the oven!!)
It was crazy but fun.
Lots of swimming,
playing with cousins,
and visiting for the mommies.

This guy came to visit me early.
Cuz his momma needs to use my washer and dryer.
And he loves to watch me through the glass of the office door.
Last weekend he came so he could check out all the recruiting for
ASU football.
Cuz he and grandpa and daddy are huge ASU fans.
And this little one had a birthday on Friday!
We combined a celebration and a party for the new little girlie coming!

They are growing by leaps and bounds, I can't believe how fast time is passing,
Our little ones that were born last year are coming up on their 1st birthday!
Or just had it.

It's fun being the grandma and watching them grow.


Connie said...

That last sentence is so true!
Love the first picture! So typical when the grandkids are all together. There needs to be at least one having a melt-down!

Momza said...

Darling pics.
Being a granma is just so sweet.
And your babies are precious!

Joy For Your Journey said...

How fun!! We are expecting another grandchild in January. (My son's wife.) And my daughter just miscarried which has been rather sad. On the positive in a couple weeks my daughter is coming for two weeks! I am happy to see her, but I am ecstatic about having her little girl!!

You are so blessed to have so many and that they live close.

Amy said...

Yay Mom, I love how often you're posting!! It makes me smile. Looks like you guys had fun yesterday and I can't WAIT until I get to join on on those fun days!

Granny J said...

I love being Granny...

You are an inspiration to me. There always seems to be a theme for your get-togethers with coordinating crafts, activities and food. Amazing!

Our oldest GS starts Kindergarten on the 23rd. His momma is expecting her fourth somewhere in between school starting and fall hunting season....let the craziness begin...er ah...continue! ;)

Patrice said...

After having little ones stay in my home, I am seriously excited to be a grandma. You can give all the love, and don't have to discipline! :o)