Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When It Rains, it Pours

My lot in life these days.
Last weekend it was clogged sinks and the garbage disposal went down.
This week it's the demise of the dishwasher.
Heaven help us, I hope it's nothing more serious next week!

(so what's up with the craziness of blogger??? new way of downloading photos???)


Granny J said...

To steal a line from "Tombstone" with a twist...."There is no normal life,'s just life."

At the beginning of Aug. I looked at the calendar and thought...Wow...this is going to be a nice, unbusy month! By the 3rd of Aug...every weekend was filled, service was needed by several in the ward, we received a new grand-daughter, hunting season started and on, and on....Now I can barely wait until after the first of Oct. ...after my elk hunt!

Taking it a day at a time! Life is good!

angieinpink said...

that same sequence of events happened to us a couple of months ago. i'm sorry!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Well, they say it comes in threes and you have now three items gone. So--hopefully you will get a break for awhile.:-)

Connie said...

Why couldn't it be something like a broken nail or the refrigerator light bulb burned out? No dishwasher...that's barbaric!! I'll keep my fingers, with the broken nail, crossed for you.

(I'm serious, I need my dishwasher!)

Suzie said...

Oh no. That is an attitude buster.
Stay positive! There's only a few hundred other things that can break.
(why do those things seem to break in multiples?)