Monday, August 30, 2010

The Voice Mail that nearly Gave me a Coronary during my Essential Oils class

In the middle of my class last Friday (more on that in another post), I got a voice mail from one of my daughters.....

"Mom!, MOM! Call me right away!
B. just got accepted into dental school!!!

OMFH!  (oh my freakin' heck-in Mormon-speak)

You see, these guys have been waiting and trying and praying and hoping for two years to get accepted. Thousands of prayers have been sent up in their behalf.
They had resigned themselves to waiting another year.
B. had already spent more money on applications for the year 2011.

When the call came.
Someone had dropped out/not shown up/whatever
And there was space for B!
And it's a LOCAL school.
They don't have to move across the country.
(Just drive across the valley)
I think they were a little disappointed that they weren't going to be having a new adventure in a new place.
But they got over that real fast.

YAY for the future Dr.Molar!
Yes, I would trust my teeth to him.
Well, maybe in a few years.....


Kassi Jane said...

I guess I never relized there last name but thats pretty cool Mr. Molar for a dentist! I love it! SO congrats to them!

Jessica said...

Yay for Dr. Molar! I am so excited for them! :)

Marilyn said...

Kassi-their last name really isn't Molar---I just said that for fun. I don't like to publish their last names without their permission

Suzie said...

I WISH his name was Dr. Molar!

Such great news. Prayers get answered. Here's to another example and to them staying here!

Mo said...

Lovely news! So happy for you all. x

Connie said...

That is awesome! If Molar was his last name it would be perfect!. We know a dentist who lives on Flossmor.

Congratulations to them!

Joy For Your Journey said...

So I had to leave for dinner and didn't finish making comments so I am back. Congrats to B on being accepted into dental school. If it is the school across the valley from you, I am guessing it is the one near me. Will they live out here or just commute?

Momza said...

Congrats to your family!!

Kassi Jane said...

haha i knew that couldnt be right :)

Kerin said...

Congratulation! What a great reason to have a celebration party.... maybe just a few brownies with chocolate frosting. You know.... to help out the future dentist with some future clients :)

RhondaLue said...

is his name for real Dr Molar? ha ha

our dentist lives on a street called Flossmor (pronounced floss more), and another is Dr Payne. ha ha

Is it just me or do these things entertain everyone?


Alice Wills Gold said...

Seriously? Dr. Molar? That is toooo funny. What else could he possibly do anything different?

I am now reading your comment and am happy that isn't really the name..that would be sad. :) But funny and great marketing.

God has ways of making things work out. So happy for your peeps.

I remember the day I bawled to my mom on the phone when the hubby passed the bar on the second try. That was a day, I just had to talk to someone on the phone.

Nancy Face said...

WONDERFUL! Congratulations to them! Wow, I'd love it if I had a dentist in the family!