Monday, August 16, 2010

Que pasa, calabasa?

Not much really.
Just the usual.
The weather is having PMS.
Miserably hot days.
And then this morning it decided to be cloudy.
Rain maybe?

In any case, my leftover plants in the garden seem to be a little happier.
I strolled out there the other day and discovered a couple of these:
Everybody asks me what these are.
These, my friends, are Armenian cucumbers.
They tolerate heat better than other types.
And heat, people, is what we do best here in AZ.
They are very mild tasting, but strange looking.
And I have to be very convincing when persuading people to try them.


My boy had a birthday Saturday.
I had a nice post all written up to publish at EXACTLY the moment of his birth,
but blogger screwed up...
No, he's not demonstrating how old he is.
He's actually 31.
Argkh!  It feels kinda weird to have a kid that is 31~
And he's not even the oldest!!!!
(hope it was a happy one!!)


You get a lot of quilt blocks done while chaperoning teenagers.
You know, you have to be present,
But not PRESENT.
Casually stroll through the room to refill your water glass.
Even though your bladder is busting.
Just to check out why it got suddenly silent in the room.
And to switch the light back on.
I did a lot of this because I needed to keep busy to stay awake.
Since I had not slept well the night before.
And I needed to be PRESENT.
Ya' know.

So the gorgeousness on the left is the guts of a new baby GIRL quilt.
The stuff on the middle top are more snack bags.
A little more girlie ones, for Miss Z.
Her cousin LOVES his pirate ones.
The stuff on the right are some blocks for a quilt I'm making for me, myself and I.


I had to give an impromptu testimony last night.
In Spanish.
In front of about 150 people,
Including the mission president.

At least I don't get nervous and feel like I'm going to barf anymore.
At least until the musical number before me begins.

And that folks, is what's happenin here.


GGMA said...

How do you think it feels to have a child in their ----- oops.

Joy For Your Journey said...

It is miserably hot!! I walked out at6:00 this morning and felt I was walking into a furnace--and a humid one at that! I am headed to Utah on Saturday though so I am praying it will be cooler there.

Your life sounds fun. And I am glad you didn't barf while bearing your testimony. :-)

Momza said...

Love the garden harvest.
Love the fabrics.
Love that you wear the Mama-pants in your house, and turn the lights back on when teenagers turn them off.
Love that you bore your testimony, in Spanish, in front of 150 people, AND the MP...
carry on and keep calm as they say.
It was so cool here today, we had to shut the windows. no kiddin.

Granny J said...

Ditto to Momza's post! I actually would have built a small fire yesterday just to take the chill off and dry out a bit but these little ankle-biters need more supervision than I could give them.
I'm kinda in the same boat this morning!...perhaps I'll break out the electric heater.

Connie said...

You know how to keep busy, even while chaperoning! The quilts look like they're going to be beautiful!
Happy birthday to your 31 year old! I agree with you about the amazement of our kids being in their 30s! My oldest are 35! I'm much too young to be a mother to a 35 year old! ;-)