Monday, August 9, 2010


Description of my evening last night:

Fall asleep on the couch watching BYUTV.
Wake up and decide to start reading and waiting up for youngest offspring.
Youngest offspring arrives.
Keep reading.
And reading.
And reading.
Finish book at 1:30 am.
Finally fall asleep sometime 45 minutes later.

Description of my morning:

cobweb brain.
was finishing the book worth it?
probably not.

It was "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks
First of his books for me.
I knew how it was going to end.
Surprisingly enjoyable read.

I know, I know, it shoulda been the scriptures on Sunday.
Then I would have gone to sleep earlier.
Bad me.


Connie said...

Are you saying that reading the scriptures puts you to sleep? :-)

When I have a good book to read, it's hard to put it down! Hope you can function today!

Kerin said...

Hee Hee! I have to echo Connie's sentiment :)
At least it's a Monday and everyone has a hard time shifting into gear on Mondays.
Hope it's going to be a great week for you!!

Amy said...

Don't worry, mom. The scriptures put me to sleep too. It's okay. Just think of it this way: the spirit you feel as you read is so sweet and peaceful it just lulls you into the loveliest tranquility that you can't help but relax and fall asleep to!

That's what Grandma Larsen once said about the temple.