Wednesday, November 28, 2007 my i.pod

I had an awesome workout this morning and it is all because of this neat little piece of technology. When Steve (I decided to give up the "code names" when I realized I had given a couple of them away----oh well, so much for anonymity) left on his mission, his ipod got passed to his brother, then I inherited Bubba D's, which promptly died. So I got me a cute little nano and my kids taught me how to download stuff and generously let me download some of their songs for my "workout" playlist. It makes working out SO much easier because I lose myself in the music and pretty soon I am exhausted and time is up! My other son introduced me to e.s. posthumus-a kind of new age group and I downloaded their "unearthed" album. It is so great for doing my Pilates stuff and lifting weights, it has some great drums so you can get into the beat.....Ain't technology grand?

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utmomof5 said...

I found your post through Jill's blog. I have to agree, I love my MP3 player. It makes a workout go soooo fast!!

Glad I found you, I will be back!!