Monday, November 19, 2007

Mystery and Weekend Recap

We have a mystery on our hands. When I opened the freezer on Friday night....(our first football-free Friday night for months).....I saw this:

This, my friends, is an exploded can of Dr. Pepper in my freezer. I immediately thought the culprit was Bubba, due to his love of Dr. Pepper. He happened to be gone to the high school "dance concert" (aka hot chicks in dance costumes). Later when I confronted both Bubba and Sopresa, they both vehemently denied it and passionately blamed the other.......Anyone else in my family want to confess??? My detective work will continue..........(BTW-frozen Dr. Pepper cleans up fairly well-it's the melted Dr. Pepper that is a pain!)

This photo is for Great Grandma:

On Sat. I had lunch and went to the park with my boys, Giddyup and sons. I got to practice shooting with my new camera, Canon Rebel XTi, love it,love it. The sun angle was a little high but great fun.

The Primary program turned out great. It always does, even if the little kids mess up it turns out. Everyone loves the Primary program.....I needed a nap for about 3 hours after...but it was all good.

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