Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Last To Know or How to feel really really Dumb

Well, today I really don't know where to start.....So I guess I will start at the beginning.....about a half century ago there was a little girl wait.....that's too far back......
So yesterday afternoon I get this in the mail:
WHAT? An invitation to join AARP??? WHAT????
Yesterday I had been running all day long it seemed, and we had the first play off game for Mesa High to go to. I was really really tired and kind of hit the wall about 5 PM, not in the nicest of moods. TL* comes home from work and says, we probably ought to stop by and say hi at Rich's open house (the invite to see his fab new house). So I agree, ok, ok, let's just get going so we are not late for the game. THEN Rich calls-hey can you go get some plastic cups for my open house. (I'm thinking-what the nerve!!!) So we go get the cups, me grumbling all the way-my daughter calls-says, yeah, we're going to the open house too for minute-I am really really in a foul mood-so tired-let's just get this over with. We pull up to the Rich C. estate, I see cars, think nothing, go in the house, see no one, think nothing. Then Rich says, "hey let's show Marilyn the back yard first" I step out, the lights go on and people shout "SURPRISE." Uhhhh, was I surprised.....uhhh yes, that's probably a mild word to use. Shock and awe were more like it, total confusion, embarrassment and then of course I did what any respectable women would do, CRY! So I guess there has been a surprise party for me, celebrating my half-century mark-can't say the F-word yet- in the planning works for at least oh, several months and I am totally clueless about it. Not even an idea whatsoever........very strange since I really usually know what is going on around me.....So after the blubbering and shock, vertigo and nausea set in.....I really didn't feel good-but I finally settled down and my #1 son and #2 daughter had put together a "tribute" video for me, which was great-especially since they had messages from my sisters from out of state (refer to Nov 9 blog) and my parents and each of my kids, and lastly, even a video message from Elder, son #2 on his mission. That's when the tears flowed...I haven't seen him for seven months.
So that's my story on how to feel really really dumb. I still have a few more days until the half-century mark........and what am I grateful for today?....well..
I have about 100 thank you cards to write to all the lovely people who worked so hard to plan this and who were kind enough to show up.
THANKS kids! I love you............
*I am assigning "blog" names to all my family to semi-protect their privacy...more later!

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis!
Happy birthday! Glad you liked your surprise party! Wish I could of been there...
Love ya mucho