Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Work Day

Well, today I have been pretty much staring at this all day long. I started typing about 10:30 and finished just now-about 8 PM, with a few breaks here and there. I am doing some sub work for a girl who just had surgery-she used to work for me years ago. Whew-I am tired and my hiney feels it....
So what am I doing and why did I do it? About 16 years ago I was in the middle of my matriarchal madness-six kids at the time, ages 2-14 and we needed money. I had heard about medical transcription at home. I knew that I never wanted to go out of my home to work since my teenagers needed me just as bad as my little ones did-so I thought this might be an answer. To make a long story short-I studied medical terminology six days a week, for six months, got a computer, worked for a crazy lady for a year and then went off on my own. By that time I was pregnant with #7 and I went out and went door to door in medical offices giving them flyers and offering my services. I got my first two accounts (six doctors) within a month and the rest they say, is history. By 1997 I had over 20 docs and 6 ladies working for me. I cut back a bit the year after but then in about 2004, I realized, why am I killing myself? I really didn't need to work that much, so I cut back to my nice little life as I know it now-just 3 docs, 4 days a week part-time, just a nice bit of pocket money I can spend on scrapbooking and other fun stuff.
Was it worth it? Yes--we REALLY needed the money and I made very good money. It was a great way to be home and work but it is HARD to work at home with kids. Would I do it again? yes-if I have to-but I hope I don't now.
It has been a good experience but I have ended up being the family dispenser of medical advice, which is kinda scary....getting a phone call asking-hey, I have this itch under my left toenail.....what should I do? or......I have this funky rash under my right eye... what should I do????? (not really) my answer-ummm, maybe you better call your doctor........but it has been a blessing because when I can speak intelligently to doctors during a medical crisis, (of which there have been a few!) they have more respect. (I even had one doc, begging me...groveling.....saying...pleeeease do my work-that is great for the ego!!) So that's the story of my profession for the last 15 years.
So what am I thankful for today????
#1-Spell checker and quick correct....saves bunches of time! use it every day when I study my I looked up froward (what the heck is froward?) I know!!!
#3-That today is OVER.

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