Monday, February 11, 2008


Recently my mom sent me an article with the 1916 Beehive requirements to earn awards. All teenage girls were considered Beehives until they graduated from high school. There were 373 requirements in order to receive awards.......I present 20 of these:

1. Care successfully for a hive of bees for one season and know their habits.
2. Give the distinguishing characteristics of 6 varieties of hen and cattle and tell the good and weak points of each.
3. Exterminate the mosquitos over an area of 1/2 mile square by pouring a little kerosene on the surface of all standing pools of water twice each month during April, May or June. Six girls may do this and each receive an award, or one girl can receive six awards.
4. Make two articles of underwear by hand.
5. Cover 25 miles on snowshoes in any six days.
6. Learn to float in Great Salt Lake and propel yourself 50 feet.
7. During three consecutive days abstain from candy, ice cream, commercially manufactured beverages and and chewing gum.
8. For one month masticate your food so thoroughly that it slips down without any visible effort at swallowing it.
9. Successfully put a new washer on a faucet.
10. Care for at least two kerosene lamps a day.
11. For three months take care of milk and cream from at least one cow and see that the pails, pans, strainer, and separator are thoroughly cleansed.
12. During two weeks keep the house free from flies or destroy at least 25 flies daily.
13. Have your toilet moved to an isolated place in the garden. Have a frame of chicken wire built about three feet away and plant quick growing vines such as cucumber or morning glories to screen it from observation.
14. Whitewash your toilet inside and out.
15. Know and describe three cries of a baby.
16. Without help or advice care for and harness a team at least five times; drive fifty miles during one season.
17. During 2 summer months clean ice chest thoroughly twice a week.
18. Discover ten reasons why the Columbine should be made the national flower.
19. Clear sage brush, etc. off of one-half acre of land.
20. Know 6 blazes used by Indians.

2008: I present ten requirements for today's Beehives:
1. Wash articles of underwear on a regular basis.
2. Abstain from candy, ice ream, commercially manufactured beverages and chewing gum for at least three consecutive hours.
3. Turn off lights in room after leaving it.
4. Learn to skillfully hide articles of clothing, trash and other items from mother in bedroom so that it seems to be clean.
5. Discover ten reasons why you need a cell phone, i-pod, new dress, etc. etc.
6. Masticate food while keeping mouth closed.
7. Put milk back in fridge after using it.
8. During the summer months thoroughly clean bathroom at least twice.
9. Learn to drive vehicle without hitting any standing or moving objects, at least five miles without causing a parent to scream.
10. Clear family room of articles of clothing, dirty dishes, shoes and backpacks.


Allyson said...

Wow! I don't think I would have made it back then. I love your 2008 Beehives. You crack me up!!! I wonder what life will be like in 80 years.

angieinpink said...

this is HI*larious. Oh my goodness...know & describe three cries of baby?! I couldn't do that...& I'm a mom!!!

I love your 2008 rendish...classic! hahahahaha

JMTaylor said...

Isn't funny how times change. My friend and I were just talking about our 12 year old girls the other day... We were comparing from when we were their age. I just keep holding my breath and hope for the best with my 12 year old!! I think we had it easy!

Jolene George said...

LOL Marilyn...what an eye opener. So funny!
Glad your son is okay. I know that must be scary.
Awesome looknig carrots. I want to grow a garden. My inlaws whole back yard is one.
I agree with you about those shaving with snot...gross.