Friday, February 8, 2008

Can't Sleep

About 3:00 AM poor Bubba D started hacking out a lung, so like the good mom I am, I got up to give him some cough medicine, and I haven't been able to sleep since. I could use the age-old remedy for insomniacs (reading the scriptures) but didn't. I have too many things rattling through my brain. I suppose I will hit the wall about 10 AM today, right about the time I need to be running the 10,000 errands on my list. So I am going to empty out my brain now-----

Look at what I grew! Now lest you think I purchased these at my local organic veggie market, I left plenty of dirt on them to prove that I just pulled them out of the ground. They actually tasted really good....(Jen, I opened up my aperture as far as it would go and I think it turned out pretty good-except the focus is off.....)(i'm also having issues with Photoshop-it won't save my edits-unsharpen mask didn't work on this one...)

I guess this is going down today......{sniff}

Shhhh..PLEASE don't tell my kids what I put in the banana bread yesterday....I actually snuck some whole grain barley into the spagetti sauce last night too. Maybe I can sell a bunch of books like Jessica Seinfeld!! (don't tell her but moms have been sneaking stuff into food for years-right?)
Well, I have a few more things rattling around in the brain but will save those for another post-another night of insomnia.......


kristie said...

Yes, we are all sad about Mitt. Your carrotts look great. I hope that when we plant a garden this year, we get the same rewards!

jen said...

4 AM??? You crazy lady! Your carrot picture does look very nice! Hope you are now in bed!

Suzie said...

love the insomnia fix (scriptures) ditto to that

lovely carrots....
Mitt :(

and yes, mom's have been sneaking things in food for years!! my mom was famous for that and the crown has passed to me.