Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Scrambled Eggs

Remember that commercial years ago on TV?????
This is your brain.

This is your brain on drugs.
This is my brain.
This is my brain after Spanish class yesterday.
I felt like someone had stuck one of those immersion blenders in one ear and turned it on...We have a substitute this week for class and she is from Spain and speaks with a "Spanish" accent. This means that they use the "zeta" sound which sounds like "theta." Por ejemplo: Buenath tardeth clathe...... eeeek....... I sorta got used to it but she talked eloquently and rapidly non-stop in Spanish (i guess that's what Spanish class is all about, right?) and after class was over I staggered to my car and managed to drive home wondering how on earth I was going to figure out the homework.... I miss Senor B, at least he intersperces some English words in between all that Spanish....... Noth vemoth manana.....(nos vemos-we'll see you tomorrow)


Allyson said...

it will all be worth it and you speak espanol. Wish I did, not enough to put myself through the torture of going back to school to learn it--YIKES...You are awesome for educating yourself--

Go Marilyn, go Marilyn, go Marilyn!! (imagine I'm cheering, while I say this)

kristie said...

I didn't learn it after 3 years of classes in high school, or with almost 11 years of marriage to someone from Mexico. Maybe I should take a class. I think I'll pass for now.

Nancy Face said...

I always loved that commercial!

I would NOT love your Spanish class...not one little bit! :0