Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sex Education and Scripture Study

How's that for an eye-catching title?

(I read somewhere if you want people to read your blog, you have to have a catchy title)

You will understand the relationship of these two items when you get to the end.....

So....TL always waxes eloquent on how important it is to discuss the birds and bees with children so they can have a proper foundation....etc....etc..

So who always ends up doing the discussion?


Who talks to both boys and girls about these serious matters?


So why is it always me?

Now to part 2 of this discussion: We have tried to faithfully have a small family devotional each morning and read scriptures with our children....Now don't we all have a picture of an idyllic family...eagerly listening to the word of the Lord solemnly pronounced by their father???

This is the reality about 10 years ago.....

Or this one more recently:

Do they get anything out of this????

Now to tie these two topics together: A number of years ago, when our oldest was about 7-8 years old, we were dutifully having our morning devotional when our oldest daughter said out of the blue...

What's adultery?

Dad stops in mid sentence

I stop chewing my breakfast.

At least 8 pairs of little eyes look at me.

"Well, (I clear my throat) that's a very good question Jenny (she was known as Jenny then). Why don't we talk about it later."

In the mad rush of the morning I forget about the question in the midst of dressing and feeding little children, cleaning up messes, etc. etc. I was in the kitchen and this little person, with her hands on her hips, stomping her foot and shouting at the top of her lungs...

"MOM, what's adultery!?"

So I hustle her off to the other room where we have a nice discussion about what adultery is and the introduction of the birds and the bees.........

See what faithful scripture study can do for your family?


LHammer said...

LOL !!!!
You crack me up. That is a classic blog. I hope your kids enjoy it!

kristie said...

Hey, they never tell you subjects like this can come up during scripture study. That's a hard one.

JMTaylor said...

I have found that the most interesting subjects come up during scripture study! And if it makes you feel any better - I have always been the one to talk about the birds and bees ... no matter what John says!

Suzie said...

funny, funny and honest post.

I have many a "could have been" photos of the same thing. My daughter informs me that she does indeed get something from it. and I say yeah, a nap at the kitchen table. :)

blessing to you for doing the best things!

thanks for your heartfelt comment!

Allyson said...

Go Jen!!! She went by Jenny huh, I never knew. So Jen was extra inquisitive---sign of brillance I think. I love the pictures of the kids soaking the gospel up. We did scriptures on and off during my growing up years and I venture to say we would have similar photos if some had been taken. Great post!

jen said...

MOM!!! K-got a serious red face over here...yes I very well remember this...only I thought it was over the dinner table, musta been breakfast. That talk got me to stop asking questions REAL fast! ;)

Hero London said...

Ha ha! Glad it wasn't me! Great post Mom, you had me laughing!

Nancy Face said...

I am the expert Sex Education teacher in my house...for girls AND boys...and that's perfectly fine with me, because I'm not shy! As they get older and have more questions, I sometimes get a kick out of giving a little too much information and making them blush, haha! But I know of a 19 year old girl who knows almost nothing on the subject, and much of what she's been taught is incorrect. I find that to be very tragic, and I wish I could help her, but I can't step on her parents' toes.

I guess my comment is long enough now, haha! :D

Pedaling said...

love it - very funny post - i especially liked the pictures.

this reminded me of the time, when we were reading in the old test. and my son asked me what was circumcision? His older sisters just looked at me and said with a laugh, yeah mom what...tell him.
now i try to skip those words for the younger ones around to avoid embarrassing questions that i'm not ready to answer!