Thursday, February 7, 2008

New & Improved

Have you ever noticed that corporate America feels obligated to improve and update every product in our home on a regular basis? We have new and improved, fresh, clean smelling products that will make our life oh so much easier and those mundane tasks like scrubbing the toilet and tub just a dream job that we look forward to every day week?
So one of those oh so mundane tasks is defuzzing the legs and pits on a very regular basis. I have seen ads for these razors and thought, hey, why not? I'm game...

Well, I guess I am like most people and my legs and pits actually have CURVES so trying to maneuver this razor with the two puffy purple pillows on them is kinda difficult. I have to scrape the dang thing over my legs about five times and it STILL misses the stray strand now and then! And THEN there is this gooey stuff that is supposed to make it oh-so-easy to g.l.i.d.e the razor over your skin. Well, it's kinda like shaving with lightly scented snot ......ewww.. And then when the puffy purple pillows lose their lightly scented snot-like substance, well they petrify into hardened things that fall off into the tub and you can slip and slide on them.........Just give me the good ol' bic razor stolen from my husband...thank you very much. an effort to do something new and improved in my kitchen....I decided today to tinker with the ol' sacred family recipe for banana bread. This is a tricky proposition so as not to offend the masses but I am making an effort these days to add more nutrition to the lives of dear family. So in went a bit of extra whole wheat flour, a dash of powdered milk for nutrition, and instead of sour cream, in went the plain low fat yogurt. Hmmm...the batter tasted pretty good.......the verdict?

I think you can see for yourself....Pure Bliss .....(p.s. if you squint real hard, you can just see a corner of his scout uniform.....)

p.p.s. Haven't heard from Elder Steve yet---but I heard from a member who said the missionaries were fine. I will be real glad to get that email next week!

p.p.s.s. Didja' notice my new trick....the strike first html experience!! whoo hoo.


jen said...

I never knew you were so DANG FUNNY! I'm cracking up over here! Love the comment about lightly scented snot...classic! BTW, I wanna know out to do the slash it hard?

Allyson said...

I am going to tell you a little secret about me....I try to avoid shaving my legs at all costs. Oh I hate it! I would love it if we all stopped shaving our legs. But until then, I will continue to hate my weekly Sunday shave.

Happy to hear about our family Elder.

Suzie said...

way to go with the strike out! See us "Mature" ladies can keep up with all the techies!

glad you got word that your Elder is ok :)

Jill said...

I got one of those razors as a free sample. Maybe I'll save it for next Christmas and use it as a white elephant gift. I have a two year old, I have enough snot on me as it is, thankyouverymuch!
I share the same secret with Allyson. Sunday shaver. Sometimes, if you wear dark colored pantihose, you don't always need to shave.
SHHHHHHH, don't tell.
Glad to hear your missionary is OK.