Monday, February 18, 2008

Signs of a Granola

Signs I may be a granola at heart........
I just finished a batch of this:

Whole grain, fresh ground flour bread.

I really like nuts and seeds!

I attended a natural cooking class last week and actually liked the food. They had a sauce made of soy milk and ground up cashews-very tasty!

One of my favorite stores:

I would like to shop at Whole Foods -but it is too far away

Whenever I feel like I am getting sick-I start guzzling this by the gallon: (it helps!)

I'm really into this gardening stuff. The grapevines just went in over the weekend and today the potatoes are getting planted.....My dream now is to have chickens...(ain't gonna happen where I live)

Muir Glen Organic fire roasted tomatoes are delish!

But then I start thinking about this:

Or this:

(you people in Utah are SO lucky-whenever I go-I buy at least 25 pounds of this stuff to haul home on the airplane!)

And I really can't bring myself to dress like this:

I guess I will go on blissfully living my life in a semi-granola state.


kristie said...

I think you would look cute dressed like that!! Good for you for adding good stuff into your diet. Maybe you can teach me how to make bread. I've always wanted to learn.

Allyson said...

That bread looks super YUMMY! I think you are anything but Granola. I hear that eating healthy is yummy....I don't believe it, but thats what I hear. I've never had those chocolates, I'll put it on my to do list!

LHammer said...

Please post your bread recipe! My WW stuff usually caves in -- doesn't get large and pretty like yours! Sure there isn't a bit of white flour in that? :-)

jen said...

Yummy bread mom! Makes me wanna make some. I'll have to blog about that sometime. You are sooooooooo NOT least not in the way I picture. You are just a healthy, natural, modern WOman!

JustRandi said...

I know what you mean! I never thought I'd go granola, but I have some of the same symptoms!