Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not Somethin' You See Too Much in AZ

Scraping frost off the windshield!
Happy Frosty Feb. 5th!
Party update: If judging by the decibel level, it was a huge success...new party video game.....Band in a Box...comes with electronic drum set, guitar and microphone...uhhh...yeah...
Anniversary update: We saw Bucket List-good show-bought a new painting for our house.....
Sickness update: DIL is doing better, spent all afternoon yesterday with Bubba D and FIL at the doctor's office. Alyssa home sick yesterday too....I'm trying to run faster to keep away from the germs!
Leak update: Roof still leaking after 4 repair visits....Contractor personally comes over and crawls into attic to check source of leak...locates source...locates wet drywall in ceiling and pushes on it, causing more drywall to fall into bedroom and drywall to sag....promises to fix leak ASAP (before next rain???)
Today: Looking forward to going to Angie's yummy class!


Allyson said...

Run lady, Run....don't look back those germs are quick and dangerous!

sounds a bit crazy out your way. hope the leak problem is fixed soon. Have a great day!

kristie said...

Count yourselves lucky that the frost removal didn't require a shovel and 2 hours!!!

I want to run away from the germs, how fast do you have to run?

Hope your leak gets fixed soon!

JMTaylor said...

I like the one finger removal of the frost! CLASSIC! I guess I need to remember how it was when I lived in AZ and it didn't take gloves, a scraper w/ extension and a lot of defrost just to start your car in the morning.

Hope you fix your leak soon! Water messes aren't fun - we have had our basement flood 5 times since we have lived here - GOOD LUCK!

Mari said...

Ahh I am jealous of your frost. Because where there is only frost... there is no snow.

Jill said...

Sorry to hear about the leak. I HATE water damage. You know it's going to be bad when the plumber says "I sure hope you have home owner's insurance"
Good luck with the repair.